Want some coffee w/ that syrup?

Coffee.. what a wonderful word..Just to hear it brings a smile to your face..to smell it brewing awakens all the senses.  It’s one of nature’s more perfect creations.  And who ever thought of grinding it up and boiling it in some water… well that person should have won a Nobel Peace Prize or something even greater.  That person was chosen by God obviously.

English: Roasted coffee beans photographed usi...

English: Roasted coffee beans photographed using a macro technique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are so many way’s today to have your coffee.  You can  have it old school, black or you can order something that takes five minutes to say from Starbucks like a mocha frappe double latte half n half something or other.. (can you tell I don’t order from there..lol)  That place needs a “how to order” sheet..oh wait, it has one.  http://www.quicksilverweb.net/sbucks/sbcharts.htm

Now my mother drank her coffee straight outta the pot.  No sugar, no milk, no creamer or flavored creamer, nope she was hard core old school.  And that woman could drink 2 pots a day.  Her heart musta been pumping like a high school boy’s hand.. ewww, too much? LOL.  I use to put 5 sugars in a 20 oz coffee but I have worked my way down to 2 1/2 (sometimes 3 if I just need comfort).  But today, today I watched a guy make his coffee and even I had to say WTH…

Coffee with Sugar

Coffee with Sugar (Photo credit: JB London)

I’m standing there at my favorite gas station/convenience store “Wa Wa” getting my coffee, this mornings choice was Hazelnut! and there was this guy getting a tiny 12 oz cup of joe.  As I was putting in my low fat creamer and 3 sugars, yeah I needed a little extra comforting today, I watched him open and pour in 10 of those little creamers.  TEN!!!  That’s like over 1/4 of the cup.  Okay, so he likes it creamy, who am I to judge.  So I go and get my coffee and come back to stir it up and he’s opening sugars to put in it.  I count as he is opening them and pouring them in.  15 packs of sugar.  YES FIFTEEN as in 5 more then 10.  Is there any room left in his small cup for coffee now?  I’m not thinking there is.  All I can picture coming out of that cup now is syrup.  My teeth hurt and I’m getting a headache, just from thinking about it..  So I must ask, would you like some coffee with that syrup sir?


6 thoughts on “Want some coffee w/ that syrup?

  1. Light and Sweet! Anyone who drinks coffee that way doesn’t really like the taste of coffee.
    I recently cut down from 6 cups a day to only 3 and I swear it was easier quitting smoking.

    • yeah.. he just like’s sugar..lol. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to give up was my beloved Dr. Peppers.. I went through DT’s.. I had the shakes, a migraine for days, vomiting.. it was horrible..

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