I gave my husband a “Treat” for Halloween…..

This is my first “skinny” Halloween EVER!!!  I’ve never been thin enough to wear those store bought costumes so on the rare occasions I did dress up, I made my own costumes.  This year I decided to dress up since I could.  So I went from this…


To this with just a little make up (okay, a lot of make up) a wig and a cape!

Who is this chick?


I had to laugh because several times tonight while we were out taking our daughter Trick R Treating I caught him staring at me.  When I asked him what he said, “Your freaking me out… I keep thinking your a different woman and I’m gonna get caught cheating on my wife with you.  I keep expecting someone to see me and go…ooooo your cheating on Shannon”…. So for tonight I let my husband cheat on me with another woman…



It’s now that time of year….

Every year around this time I always got excited.  Not because it was time to get CANDY CANDY CANDY, or when I got older time for costume parties and drinking til we were stupid… no.. this time of year always excited me because it was the signal to the start of the Holiday Season.  You could always feel the electricity in the air, a change that let you know things were going to change.  The weather was going to get colder, and if you lived up north the tree’s would be changing colors, family would come visit or you’d go visit family.  People generally became nicer.  Mom’s would start baking all those wonderful things that were strictly made in the cooler months, ya know beef stew, chili, banana nut bread, cream puffs, pumpkin ANYTHING.  As a child the excitement would rise knowing Christmas was just a short 2 months away, as adults who had kids we would become excited about seeing our children’s faces as they opened their gifts from Santa.


Holiday HDR

Holiday HDR (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

I was one of those people who got overly excited every year, until 2000 when my mom died.  Yeah,  I still had those little pangs of excitement on occasion.. I’d even decorate for my son and then after my daughter was born for both of them.  I did every thing I could to make their Christmas’s simply amazing, and thanks to some very loving people they helped me do that the year after I left my ex-husband.  I will try again this year to give my kids and my step kids everything they want but I’m still just not feeling it.  The next two months have so many things that remind me of what I don’t have anymore it’s hard to feel the excitement.  I know I know, we aren’t suppose to concentrate on what we don’t have, only what we do and normally that’s what I do, but this time of year makes it hard.  I no longer have my mom and her birthday this year is Thanksgiving Day (double owie there).  I no longer have most of my family, after mom died they all kinda just left me.  I’ve tried and tried to mend the bridges and make us close again but they have moved on and apparently do not wish to have a relationship with me or my kids.  In December I have another loss loved one’s birthday and I had a miscarriage in December 2000.  Honestly it seems as though the universe decided to suck all the “Holiday” spirit out of November and December for me.  I just kinda go through the emotions now.  I am happy when Christmas is over and all the decorations go away because it means I’ve survived another season.  How sad is that?

Bah, Humbug!

Bah, Humbug! (Photo credit: PrincessFroglips)

The Walking Dead Review 10/28/2012 (Spoiler alert)

English: Intertitle from the AMC television pr...

English: Intertitle from the AMC television program The Walking Dead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This weeks episodes starts out with a helicopter filled with Military personnel crashing in the woods.  Andrea is still sick, and they are not going easy on the gore tonight already.  We are getting our first glimpse of the Governor and his men.  Damn, Michonne had to kill her 2 zombie pets (one was her boyfriend the other his best friend).

Merle is the one who finds Michonne and Andrea.  He has an interesting new prosthetic on his arm.  Andrea is trying to explain things to him, it will be interesting when he comes face to face with Rick.  She doesn’t seem to be very angry about being left behind, which is not what I thought at all.  I figured she would be very hate filled about it.  The Governor has offered them extra ammo, a car and food to leave.. an offer that sounds too good to be true to me.

The town is called Woodbury.

Cult Classics list

This time of year where I love to watch old “Cult Classic” movies.  Nothing’s better then snuggling up on a cold winter’s Sunday and just vegging out to some of the greats.  I know how much  y’all lovvvveeee list so I figured I’d give you a list of my top 10 All Time Favorite Cult Classic movies….. DRUM ROLL PLEASE………..

10) American Beauty.

This movie is just so freaking great.  Who hasn’t wished they could just quit their job, go home, smoke a big fat one and chill out for once?

9) Alien.

I gained so much respect for Sigourney Weaver after watching this movie.  It completely blew me away when I saw it in the Theater.

8)Planet of the Apes

“You damn dirty Apes”

7) The Terminator

“I’ll be back!”

6) Die Hard

“Yippee-Kai-yay Mother Fucker

5) Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

“Try some more. The strawberries taste like strawberries, and the snozzberries taste like snozzberries.”

4)Frankenstein (the 1931 version)

“It’s alive.. alive”

3) The Bride of Frankenstein (1935 version.. can’t forget the wifey)

“It’s a perfect night for mystery and horror. The air itself is filled with monsters.”

2) A clockwork Orange

“No time for the old in-out, love, I’ve just come to read the meter”

And my number one of all time favorite cult classic movie is……

1) The Rocky Horror Picture Show

” [singing] I’m just a sweet transvestite, from Transsexual Transylvania.”

Cover of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show (...

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