Really.. this needed to be said?

Today at work “my gay best friend” (if y’all read my nicknames blog you’d know who I was referring too) said to me “You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink”… to which I replied.. “Oh I could make that mofo drink”…He started laughing and said “how are you going to make a horse drink?’  I said.. “I’d hold his head under water long enough sooner or later it’s gonna drink trying to get air”.. we laughed,  good times… but it got me to thinking of other stupid quotes that we’ve all heard.

1)  I guess you want your cake and to eat it too?   WTH???  Yes I want to eat my damn cake.  What, you think I’m gonna say “Oh yes please can I have a piece, but I’m not gonna eat.. naw I’m just gonna smell it for awhile.”

A decorated birthday cake

A decorated birthday cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2) Accidents happen.  Umm… yeah, that’s why they are called accidents.  If they didn’t happen, we wouldn’t have that word in our vocabulary, now would we???

3)It is the last straw that breaks the camels back.  Well lets see here.. why would you put anymore straw on a camels back if you already broke his back?  That last one you put on it did the damage, so now the camel can’t do anymore work so why put more straw on it?

4) It’s always in the last place you look…. okay.. I’ve never heard of anyone who kept looking for whatever they lost after they found it. “Honey, where are my keys?  Never mind I found them.. but I”m gonna keep looking for them anyways, I have nothing better to do”.

5) It’s not the end of the world.  I’m pretty sure if it were the end of the world we wouldn’t need to be told it was the end of the world.

6) Hit the nail on the head.  Where else ya gonna hit it?  Kinda hard to hit it on the long stem part that goes into the wood, isn’t it?

7) It aint over til it’s over… Why would you even need to say this?  “Mom, is it over?”  “no son.. you can see it’s still going… it’s not over yet.. oh wait.. they’ve left the stage, it’s over now”.. wouldn’t all the people leaving signal it was over?

8) Don’t take any wooden nickels…. Was this  areal problem at some point in this country?  I mean, it must have been, but in today’s time, would someone really take a wooden nickel from someone?  I think we could tell the difference of a real one and wooden one.. hmmm.. Maybe I would take a wooden one, it might be worth more then a real one!

Laser-Cut Wooden Nickels

Laser-Cut Wooden Nickels (Photo credit: Pete Prodoehl)

9) If it aint broke, don’t fix it?  Call me lazy but ummmm if it aint broke, I’m not going to even waste my time to fix it..

10) More then enough is too much….. Seriously?   Someone had to quote this?  If you have more then enough then yes.. it is too much.. doesn’t mean you don’t want it…. just means you have more then enough.. right?


4 thoughts on “Really.. this needed to be said?

  1. Haha, agreed with all of these! It’s so funny, another blogger recently posted about the SAME thing…different quotes but same idea. I guess stupid quotes are getting on everyones nerves! 😉

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