Meet Biscuit and Misty

I’ve blogged about my children, I’ve blogged about my husband, my job… I’ve blogged about a lot of things but haven’t blogged about my furry children.  I have 2 little furry babies, a boy and a girl.  The boy is about 5 years old now.  We found him in a field by my job one day, well my husband saw him and we stopped and picked him up.  Someone had must have just dropped him off because he had no flea’s and it was summer in Texas.  We named him Biscuit because he would always make biscuits when you petted him.  We had no idea that he would grow to be approx 20 lbs and sleeps about 21 hours a day.  But I don’t think I could ever love another cat as much as I do this one.  He purr’s so loudly you can hear him from 10 feet away.  He rushes in to see me when I come home from work and he lays down on my pillow when it’s bedtime.  He loves to give me Head Bonkz and for some reason he loves to try to eat my husbands hair.

A big 20lb baby just chillin in the chair…


My other furry baby is a newer addition to our family, her name is Misty.  I got her this time of year last year for a birthday gift for my husband.  She is crazy.  That’s the best thing I can say about her.  She likes to attack her food before she eats it.  She talks LOUDLY all the time, at all hours of the night.  She loves to hide and attack Biscuit when possible.  She absolutely loves my daughters stuffed horse, she’ll stand on it and make biscuits on it for hours.  She is a little trouble maker to say the least.  She likes to steal things off the tables and hide them everywhere.  She’s still little so she can get into the craziest of places..

peek a boo

So these are my furry babies.  I love them both and enjoy their company, even when they are tearing through the house chasing each other causing chaos.


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