Should I or shouldn’t I?

Well.. my husband posted a blog tonight about scary movies and gave a good list of one’s that he enjoyed.  He’s way into scary movies, the bloodier and more violent it is, he’s lovin it.  You should check out his blog, he’s writing a Zombie Journal.  I’ve told him that if the Apocalypse ever happens, I’m blaming him for wishing for it too much. go check him out.. I’ll still be here when ya get back.. Finish reading my blog, then go check him out!

Pazuzu (The Exorcist)

Pazuzu (The Exorcist) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I’ve seen all of the movies on his list except for his number 8.  This particular movie has been a great source of conversation between he and I, and my friends/family on Facebook and I.  The reason it is such a controversial issue for us is because of a promise I made my mom when I was a kid.  Yeah yeah, I know we all promised our parents alot that we grew up and did anyway.  We promised we would NEVER  have sex ESPECIALLY before marriage!  We promised we would never drink, or drink to the point that we wake up in some strange man’s apartment, no clue of where are panties have disappeared too and why we only have 1 shoe.  We promised we’d never smoke, tobacco or those “funny” cigarettes.  Yeah, we promised the world to them, knowing full well that we would most likely break those promises that night or that coming weekend.  So why is this one different?

I’ve never been a fan of scary gory movies.  I wasn’t the first one to go into the Haunted Houses, and in fact if you ask my best friend Jill, she’ll tell you I’d push her first!  Once when I was under 10 (I don’t remember exactly what age I was) a friend of my mom’s took me and my 2 sisters to the Haunted House that was set up at the old Railroad Station near the skating rink in the town I grew up in, Leesburg Florida.  Not 5 minutes into the dark I was screaming bloody murder, crying hysterically, fighting to get out.  One of the people who worked there realized it was not just a kid who was scared, it was somebody who was going to pass out if they didn’t get out.  He stopped everyone and turned the house lights on to calm me down.  When he lifted his mask I lost it.  That freaked me out even more.  I cried begging to go home to my mom, so they ushered me out the back door where I sat on Joe’s car with him until my sisters came out RAVING about how great it was and this one part that had a huge spider that was SO COOL…. I asked if I could go try again…lol, the answer was NO.

Anyways I’ve suffered through these things until I got old enough that I didn’t need to “impress” anyone anymore and just don’t do these things.  I will not go to a Haunted House, not gonna happen!  Hell, I see and hear spirits all the time, who needs a man made one?  So back to my story!! Damn Adhd.  So my mom came to me one crying, pleading with me to please please never watch the movie “The exorcist.”    She told me how her and my dad saw it in the theater when it came out and that it gave her nightmares for months.  She had never before asked me to not watch a movie and never asked me that again.  It was just this one particular movie.  So I promised her I wouldn’t.  I’m 41 years old now and I’ve still never seen this movie.  I’ve tried to talk myself into it a million times, even turned it on, but the minute it starts playing I feel guilty as hell and turn it.  My mom’s been gone for 12 years and I still can’t watch this movie.  My husband says all the time that she would understand if I watched it and he knows she didn’t mean to never watch it, just not as a child.


So here’s the question?  Should I, or shouldn’t I?  I mean I already know I’m not going too… but I’d like to get some other input on this situation.  Would you?



3 thoughts on “Should I or shouldn’t I?

  1. I would and honestly it isn’t all that scary or gorey. I think what got everyone back then was this innocent girl who became possessed and was using adult language and to a preacher and because of her possession her skin got all deformed. I never understood why so many people were scared by it personally. That’s not to say it isn’t a good movie because it is a very good movie. Everyone should see it at least once.

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