Amazing colors

Living my entire life, sans the last 3 1/2 years, in the south I never got to really admire the changing of the seasons through the tree‘s.  You see our tree’s down south..well they turn from green to brown to bare to green.  There are no colors in between the spectrum there.  So when I moved to Virginia in 2009 I think I may have drove my husband a little crazy with the “The tree’s are so pretty, did you see them today?”  kinda questions everyday!  I even posted on Facebook everyday about how amazing the tree’s were.

Near my work

Well it’s that time of year again and the tree’s are not disappointing us this year either (ALTHOUGH, they did kinda start changing earlier this year and it’s letting us know we are going to have a very cold snowy winter and I’m not happy about that at all!).  Everyday I look at the tree’s and drink the colors they are providing for us.  I read in a blog one day that it’s almost like Mother Nature was filling the landscape with all the precious vibrant colors to fill our souls before it turns to cold, white barren land.  Hey, that works for me.  I honestly wish that Autumn would last a little big longer then it does, same with Spring.  Even though my allergies are in full force, I love seeing all the new colors that God is giving us.  So take time to look at the tree’s changing.  And if your my friends and family in the South… well I’ll look at em for ya!


Fall Foliage Photography

Fall Foliage Photography (Photo credit: Nature Pictures by ForestWander)


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