Biggest con ever!

So I posted this on Oct 19, 2012 the first time.. but it’s that time of year again so I must repost it!!!!


Every year the medical Industry uses panic and hysteria to “sell” they’re protection against the flu.  Every where you go you see “Get your flu shot‘s here” or “Don’t wait for the flu to get you, get your flu shot now”.  They take to the news and Television to talk about how this year is going to be the worst year yet for the flu and go on to scare the shit out of people by saying that small children, old people and sick people are at a high risk of death if they catch the flu so they really should protect themselves from it.  NEWS FLASH PEOPLE, there are more strands of the flu then anyone really knows.  You cannot protect yourself from the flu because the shot’s only protect you against the main 2 or 3 strands for that season.  And really, how does it protect you when your delivering the damn virus directly into your blood stream?  I truly shake my head in disbelief when I hear people going on and on about how the just have to get the flu shot, or even worse when companies have a mandatory flu shot policy.  I would quit my job before I got a shot.  How many people who are in good health get the shot then suddenly have the flu?  The dr’s will tell you, “oh, you were already infected with it but it wasn’t showing yet”.. aaa aahh aaahhh bullshit.. sorry, had to sneeze there.  You infected yourself with the shot, it wasn’t magically hiding in your bloodstream just waiting dormant until you had the shot “WOOHOO my germ brethren..for our host has finally obtained the shot we can go forth and infect now”.

English: Poster of reluctant GI getting Flu shot.

English: Poster of reluctant GI getting Flu shot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I guess I should give you, my loyal readers, a little history on my hatred of the flu shots.  When I was a kid I was born with Asthma and at the ripe old age of 3 months old I had Asthma, Double Pneumonia and the Hong Kong Flu (the pandemic o 1971).  I was a tough little bugger and despite the doctors telling my parents I wouldn’t survive the night I managed to live through it just fine.  It did however weaken my little lungs making it easy for me to catch Pneumonia every time the wind changed directions.  So fast forward 7 yrs and living through several battles of Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Strep Throat (anything with the respiratory system) my mom being the wonderful loving protective mother she was decided to get me the flu shot at the recommendations of my doctor.   So we go in, I get the shot and we go home.  I notice later that day I’m not feeling well.  By nightfall I have a full blown fever, chills, vomiting, the works.  Before the night is over I’m in the ER and then sent directly into the Intensive Care unit under a Oxygen Tent with a 107 fever.  I stayed that way for 3 days.  I remember the ice bath they put me in, the screams that came from me my mom later told me tore her heart in half.  She became so upset with my screams they had to forcefully remove her from the room.  Several times in my young life doctors had told my mother that I would not make it through the night to call the funeral home and start making the arrangements.  Sometime around the 3rd day this poor unfortunate doctor made the mistake of telling my mom this again, she punched him.  She yelled at him to never ever tell another parent to call a funeral home before their child had died.  During the night I broke my fever and by the next day I was jumping from bed to bed and feeling no effects of the fever at all (man to do that now.. I’m down for days if I stay up past midnight).

Fast forward 19 years or so and I give birth to my first child.  A boy, a big healthy baby boy.  At age 2 I let my son’s pediatrician convince me to give him a flu shot.  By that night guess who had the flu?  Yup, my healthy bundle of joy (who I might add has NEVER had the flu again or the flu shot!  Coincidence? I think not).  Fast forward a few more years and I give birth to a little bitty bundle of joy. A girl who sadly wasn’t as healthy as her brother.  She was born with asthma and again I let the doctor (the same one) convince me that she really needed to be protected because she was so tiny and had developed Asthma.  Well now… guess who got the flu the very next day?  Yup and she shared it with me, as did my son when he had it.  Do you see a pattern here?  I will tell you that neither of my children have had another shot and neither have had the flu again, me either!

Fast forward a few more years and I’m dating the love of my life who is a career NCO in the USAF.  He tells me one day before we are married that it is possible the children and I will have to get flu shots once we’ve married, that it may be mandatory for us as it was for him.  Ummmmmm, what?  I kid you not, I told him if that were true I would not be able to marry him.  That’s right.  I’m that terrified of the flu shots.  Before you ask, I am not allergic to the flu shot btw.  No, you have to be allergic to eggs to be allergic to the shots and since I’m not there is no way the military would have let me out of getting them if it was mandatory for me to get them but lucky for my husband and I it was not, only for him.  In 1977/78 when I got that fateful shot it turned out that thousands of people died from them.  They were tainted vaccines and I am one of the lucky one’s who lived through it.  It’s been explained to me that if, and boy that’s a big ol if, I ever got another shot the same thing would not happen.  But.. I’m never going to know because I will NEVER inject myself with that crap in a syringe again!

It’s all a conspiracy to make money.  The Pharmaceutical companies are billion dollar industries and they love to play on the fears of people.  The more scared they make the public, the more hysteria they spread the more money they stand to make.  It doesn’t take a genius to realize that there is a connection here.. Give a completely healthy (but frightened) person an injection that will make them sick, but charged them oh, $30 bucks to make them sick to start with.  THEN when they do get sick ( and oh, they will) they have to come back pay to see the doctor, pay for the new prescriptions…$$$$$  What really amazes me every year is how someone will say AFTER they’ve gotten the shot and then the flu and were sick for days and days “It’s really a good thing I got the shot, could you imagine how much worse it would have been if I hadn’t?”  REALLY???? WTF!!!  I guess it is worse to be HEALTHY instead of sick..

It would be cheaper to buy it off the streets then through the companies…just sayin


7 thoughts on “Biggest con ever!

  1. Haha, I don’t know how people haven’t caught on. EVERYONE gets sick after getting the shot because that’s what the shot does, gives you the flu so you can become “immune” to it. My ass. Never had the shot, never had the flu. I only worry when I have kids if it’ll be required. Bunch of BS!! And wow, you’ve survived a lot, holy crap girl.

    • Girl.. it’s not mandatory for your children to get it.. it’s not part of the immunizations that they have to have.. Dont’ ever fall for it.. it’s a trap…LOL.. and yeah, I have.. but that which does not kill us….

  2. I agree that flu shots are a scam. And when that’s not scaring enough people, the news starts a panic over a specific type of flu, like swine flu, which was actually no worse than the regular flu but sounds scarier.

  3. see and i get mine every second year or so ( mine being free here in Alberta Canada) because i am a ex cancer patient and i was worried i was going to get sicker than a dog, and nothing, nadda, zilch. so i do not know what to say here just i do it because it is free but i have yet to get sick from it.

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