Ouija do it again?

Since this is the month that’s all about witches and ghosts and all things scary I thought I’d blog about the Ouija board!

A modern ouija board plus planchette

A modern ouija board plus planchette (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When I was a teenager I became very interested in the paranormal, to include the Ouija Board and Tarot cards, Seances ect.  My mother (who was not overly religious) forbid me to have a Ouija board in her home but did allow the cards.  Me being the snot I was bought the board and the cards, I just didn’t tell her about the board.  Yeah yeah, I know.  Anyways I used it a few times, once at my friends Lisa house, even once at my house with a few friends and my sister Jodi.

A séance

I tried using it by myself a few times but I could never get it to work, which is a good thing because being a sensitive, the last thing you want is to have one of those things work when your alone.  I would hide the board under my mattress thinking a) my mom wouldn’t find it and b) it was made by Hasboro, how freaking bad could it be?  One day I came home to play around with it and it was GONE!  I looked everywhere, terrified I was going to get my ass beat royally for bringing one into the house…. but my mom never mentioned it.  No one ever said anything about it.  To this day I have no clue where the hell that board went!

My question now is, do I want to buy a new one?  I have had many spirits contact me, and the older I get the more they come through to me.  It makes me wonder if I could get it to work better for me this time or if it would open the door to the bad side of it.  Things that make you go hmmmm…

15 thoughts on “Ouija do it again?

  1. I have said from the very beginning your opening yourself up to demons contacting you not just ghosts if you use them which is why I have never had one.

    • They do scare me. I’m just curious now though as I have a woman spirit who has been trying to talk to me for weeks. I hear her say “Listen to me” then I can’t understand her. I’d like to try it just for her

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