Walking dead review for 10/21/12

Okay.. so tonights episode is SOOO much better then last weeks.  I don’t want to give anything away to those who havent seen it yet so SPOILER ALERT… quit reading now if you don’t want to know before you watch it.


The Walking Dead (season 2)

The Walking Dead (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Right off the starting line you could tell the prisoners were not going to play nicely.  It makes you wonder though, how would you explain to someone who has been locked up for almost a year that there are no hospitals anymore, no cell phones, no computer, most of the population is gone.  Would you believe it if it were you that was being told this for the first time?  I don’t think I would.   I’d have to see it for myself.


Hershel so far has not changed, but his breathing is labored.  Logically he should have turned, if you think about it his heart was racing which means his blood was pumping faster and it took them several minutes to get to the cafeteria.  But they need a doctor so he will live for awhile longer at least. Maggie told him he could quit fighting if he felt like it was his time to go.  Tonight they went back to a real story line and not just a gore fest.


I was really glad to see Rick step up and take care of business with the prisoners.  Carol informed Glen that Lori is overdue and had to have Carl by C-section so she needed to practice on some of the walkers so she could learn how to cut through the skin to the uterus without cutting the baby.    I figured she would be a C-Section deliverer.  I just had that feeling, ya know everything with Lori has to be complicated.


Okay, the scene where Lori was giving Hershel mouth to mouth had me gasping.  You were expecting what happens to happen but it still got your blood pumping.


Rick did exactly what he had to do to protect the group, I really hope he doesn’t start beating himself up about it.  I think Hershel will survive.  I think Rick and Lori will make up when the baby is born.  I can’t wait til the meet up with Andrea again and when Darrel and Merle re-connect.. it’s gonna be AWESOME.




2 thoughts on “Walking dead review for 10/21/12

  1. I knew he would kill the prisoners to protect the group. I think Merl was the one spying on Carol. I think the baby may bring them together but right now he pretty much told her without saying anything it was over. When Merl and Daryl meet up I think Daryl will be happy to see his brother but he will also let him know he will protect his new family if Merl tries to harm them. I think Andrea is going to feel like they left her for dead and may feel some resentment.

  2. I think it’s going to be a big battle between Merl and Darryl.. Darryl is going to be conflicted but I think ultimately the group will win out over Merl. I don’t think it’s him watching I think it’s just a spy/scout… and yeah I knew he would kill them too…Andrea is going to be a bitch to them.. big time.

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