I’m so gonna do this

My husband HATES clowns.. he thinks they are all evil.  I however love clowns.  I use to collect them when I was a kid.  Emmett Kelly is my favorite and I’m lucky enough to own one (a gift from my loving mother).  So I saw this on Facebook tonight and began cracking up.  It says to do it to your children, but I’m not that mean.  I won’t do it to them, however I would to my husband… ahahahahaha  All I can do is picture waiting in the bathtub, curtain closed, he comes in, sits down and in great Psycho fashion open the curtain w/ a fake knife..AHAHAHAHAHAHAHALMFAO… the punch I got would be totally worth it!



2 thoughts on “I’m so gonna do this

  1. You really don’t want to do that because no clown is going to pull me under the bed and I will fight for my life if you pop out of the shower or from under the bed dressed like that. My first thought will NOT be “oh it’s just my wife, being funny.”

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