What what double butt?

When I’m at work and I’m bored (which dammit has not been the case lately) I like to pass some time on this particular site… If you’ve never been to it, be prepared to feel better about yourself instantly!  It’s http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/


Here are a couple of pictures that made me giggle

Oh God! Had I known those were the types of Yellow Moons I would be getting, I never would have gone after his Lucky Charms!



I present to you the Queen of the Wookies in all her glory! No other words need to be said, other than she is weavetastic, which isn’t even a word so technically I was right, no other words needed to be said.

You see the problem is you only covered your lower ass and completely ignored your upper ass. I mean, I guess I should give you the benefit of the doubt because up until this moment I’ve never heard of a double-butt, double-chin yes, but double-butt no. However, we are all now on notice so ignorance is now no longer an excuse.


And lastly…

That moment when you can’t find your bra and think… fuck it I’ll just tuck these puppies into my pants!



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