I gave my husband a “Treat” for Halloween…..

This is my first “skinny” Halloween EVER!!!  I’ve never been thin enough to wear those store bought costumes so on the rare occasions I did dress up, I made my own costumes.  This year I decided to dress up since I could.  So I went from this…


To this with just a little make up (okay, a lot of make up) a wig and a cape!

Who is this chick?


I had to laugh because several times tonight while we were out taking our daughter Trick R Treating I caught him staring at me.  When I asked him what he said, “Your freaking me out… I keep thinking your a different woman and I’m gonna get caught cheating on my wife with you.  I keep expecting someone to see me and go…ooooo your cheating on Shannon”…. So for tonight I let my husband cheat on me with another woman…



14 thoughts on “I gave my husband a “Treat” for Halloween…..

  1. and hey it also kinda kicks the bed room romance up a notch, not that i think you and rob need kicking it up as you 2 obviously love each other very much and do that on it’s own every other day of the year.

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