It’s almost as good as really good sex!

I hate, HATE spending money on myself.  I will spend my last dollar on anyone else but will talk myself out of a $10 purse because I don’t really need to spend THAT kind of money on a purse (and if you know anything about purses you know your not gonna find a good one that cheap).  It’s a sickness really, one that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over.  My husband has said it wouldn’t matter if we were millionaires I would still talk myself out of anything and everything if it cost more then a buck.  So on those occasions that I do buy something for myself I get even more super excited when I find it on sale, (I’ve taught my daughter the #1 rule of shopping..never ever pay full price for anything)  Today after work I met my husband at Target to pick up a few items we needed.  At first I was bummed that the nuts I have been buying were no longer on sale for $5 but my next finds completely made up for it.   We found some Halloween Oreo’s on sale for $1.49 a bag (usually they are $2.99) so yeah, we picked up 3 bags of them.  Next we found a $65 dollar winter coat on sale for $35 bucks for our son who really needed one (he put his winter coat from last year on the other day and his arms are about 5 inches too long now for but.. the Pièce de résistance  was the boots I found clearanced out.

Super cute Mossimo Rocker style boots


Awesome Stone colored cowgirl boots, Mossimo also

Both pairs of boots were originally $34.99… but yours truly paid $10.98 a pair!  HOT DAMN…. OOo OOO OOOOO I think I just had a mini orgasm!  Two pairs of shoe’s for the LESS then price of one… oh hell yeah!



4 thoughts on “It’s almost as good as really good sex!

  1. It was a good deal baby. Though I will still pay full price before traveling to 8 different stores looking for the same item at a lower price.

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