My Crush of the Month…

I think I’m going to start a new monthly blog… My crush of the month.  You see I tend to develop crushes on famous people.  Sometimes they’ll last for years and years spanning decades (yes, sadly I am that old) some for a few months.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and would never leave him for one of these crushes, but hey… it’s nice to day dream once in awhile.  You know, think that you are really good enough that someone that good looking and rich would ever find you attractive, and oh the lifestyle you could have with them!  Aaahhhh…


Anywho.. here is my crush for November.  My friends on Facebook were picking on me tonight because of my obsession with him.  He is none other then……Dwayne Johnson or The Rock!



Damn.. built and tattoo’d.. holy hell

It’s really very strange to me, the fascination I have with him.  You see I’m not into Wrestling, in fact I haven’t watched that since Barry Windham was in it.. so that should tell you something.. I think the other guy’s name was Dusty Rhodes or something like that.  I’ve only been a fan of his from his movies.  He is everything I never really lusted after.  He’s extremely muscular and I’ve never found that attractive at all, once you get to a point where you really have no neck anymore and your veins are popping out, you just kinda look gross to me.  I absolutely love blondes with blue eye’s, they make my knee’s weak, and Dwayne here has dark hair, dark eyes, but there is something about him.  He has an AMAZING smile that looks real and sincere,  he has a terrific laugh and seems like he has a great sense of humor (You can tell just by the movies he makes)!  I love his ink, I just wanna run my fingers along the lines!  He’s just so big and now that I”m tiny (yay me) I just wanna climb Mount Dwyane!

I will say though, he’s starting to cross that line for me.. he’s getting to pumped.  He’s looking like Schwarzenegger did back in the day.. so I hope someone tells him to scale it down a bit before he loses his neck!



He even looks sexy fully dressed!



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