Day 6 of Thankfulness

Well today is day 6 of 30 on being thankful.  Today I am thankful for Coffee.  COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE.. oh how i love the smell of it brewing, the taste of it on my tongue.. I love it hot, or over ice.  I love as much as sex… yeah, I love it that much.  I thought I was destined to a life without coffee, but YAY my stomach started tolerating it again, and thank God because the bodies were starting to pile up on me and it was getting hard to keep hiding them.


So here is to COFFEE… may it forever be brewing someone near me!

Coffee cup icon

Coffee cup icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My favorite flavor is French Vanilla, followed closely by Hazelnut…just in case you wanted to buy me a coffee gift..hint hint.. My machine takes the K Cups..and Christmas is coming..


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