All I Want For Christmas is a New Tattoo… a New Tattoo…a New Tattoo

I got my first tattoo at age 31.  You see I had to wait until after my mother passed away… I had planned on never getting one but mom passed away when I was 29 so I figured, well she can’t disown me now so for my 31th Birthday my ex husband’s brother said he would pay for a tattoo for me if I wanted one.  He did so because he wanted one and didn’t want to go alone.  My ex was furious because a) he didn’t want me to get one and b) he couldn’t go because he had to stay home with our son (nanny nanny boo boo).  He never wanted one anyways and didn’t want me to have one so why should he get to go?  Whoa.. different topic, back it up Shannygirl… ANYWHO… I got a pretty little design w/ 5 Butterflies right in the middle between my should blades on the spine.. OMFG..I thought I was going to pass out from the pain… but I didn’t.. I didn’t even cry.. Yay me!

Fast forward several years and my new hubby (boyfriend at the time) paid for me to get a second tattoo, and yes it friggin hurt.  Then he got me my third one.  Then I got one on my girls only weekend with my bestie (who got the same tattoo too).  Then after we moved out here and had a little bit of money (thank you tax return) I went and got one as a surprise for Robbie.  He was surprised, and jealous so of course in true Robbie fashion (thinking WordPress numbers here) he had to go out and do bigger and better.  Love you honey.  Now this last one hurt like a mofo because the guy said he was using new ink that was suppose to stay brighter longer and apparently it wouldn’t take so what should have taken 1/2 hour took almost 2 hours going over and over and over in the same little tiny area!  OUCHIE..I swore I would never ever get another one.. ever… no matter what.. too much pain.. too much $$$… nope.. not gonna happen.. but IF I did I would get a chocolate covered strawberry in memory of my mom (if I can find one that doesn’t look like a cartoon), and it’d be cool to get my kids names and maybe their baby feet prints, and of course there’s the symbol for strength that I want and the NEVER AGAIN.. awe dammit… now I’ve got a list of new tattoos I want.. I guess they are like childbirth.. after a few years you forget the pain.

This is freaking AWESOME and if I wasn’t such a pussy about pain I’d get a big one like this too


So if you could get a tattoo, anything you wanted and money was no object, what would you get?  And Where?


14 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas is a New Tattoo… a New Tattoo…a New Tattoo

  1. I have one tattoo on my ankle (flower vine with two butterflies) that I got to celebrate my 40th birthday and losing 50 pounds. If/when I get another tattoo it will be the continent of Africa with a sunset with a silhouette of an acacia tree and a giraffe. I have it all drawn out….just too chicken to get it and not sure where I want to put it on my body. I’ve been to Africa twice and going back in June.

  2. I hear a lot of people who say they just want one and then end up getting dozens. Guess it’s addicting! I’ve had days where I’ve considered one, but it would be small and realistically, I know I’ll never do it. As for big ones, like that pic…yeah it looks cool, but what will that look like when the person is 60+ and wrinkled? Ah, no thanks, lol.

  3. I love my tattoos and I definitely want more too. I do like that tattoo you have in this post. If we ever have the money we’ll get tattoos again baby.

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