Day 7 Thankful list

Well I have an early thing to be thankful for today.  SLEEP.. why is this my thing today, because I got none last night!  The sandman must have a hot date elsewhere because he refused to come see me, asshole.  I’ve always been very kind to the sandman, telling him thank you for visiting me, being my friend (when he wanted to be that is), oh who am I kidding.. he’s like that fat b*stard at Christmas time, he hasn’t come to see me in years either!  I guess the sandman figured I didn’t need him in my 20’s and with a new baby in my early 30’s he knew not to even come around so I must NOT need him now either.  WELL GUESS WHAT BUDDY.. I’M OLD NOW.. I NEED SLEEP… got it!

with my luck.. this would be the Sandman who came to see me…


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