Heading to La La land

So today was a super seriously craptacular day at work.  It started with my boss cussing at me for doing my job!  He has made it to where I cannot do anything right.  If I do what he says I get yelled at.. If I don’t do what he says.. I get yelled at.  One minute he’s telling me what a great job I’m doing and how nobody has ever done this job as well as I have.. then he gets stressed out about money and takes it all out on me!!!  I’m about 1 foul word away from telling him off, packing up my stuff and walking out the door right to an attorney’s office!  But in the meantime I have to work to support my family, there is no other choice.  So tonight instead of thinking about his 5’2″ 120lb ass I’m gonna close my eye’s and dream of a life I’ll never know… in a place I’ll never be able to go to….truly..fml…

I use to believe one day I’d make here.. now I know I blew that one and only chance.


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