The Wall of Shame… yes, I’m on it..

when I was a teenager, around 19 ish my then longtime boyfriend and I and a couple of friends decided to go to a local fast food place, (You know.. the one that use to have the BEST fries and fried apple pies EVER til they got stupid and tried to make it healthier).  Well we had been goofing around all day that day and had a serious case of the munchies and the giggles, not always the best combination.

We go in and order our food and we all ordered like half the menu, hey.. we needed sustenance..There were several Big Mac‘s ordered, several large fries, several milk shakes, my apple pie, Vince‘s apple pie (he got a milkshake too, that damn man never gained weight) and several large cokes.  We weren’t there for health food, don’t judge me!  We sit down and separate the food and start giggling and talking smack to each other, next thing I know I have a fry hitting me in the head followed by giggles.  So what did you expect that I would have done???? Yup, threw a fry back.  More giggles from the peanut gallery, so Vince threw a fry at Randy who in turn threw one at Gregg who threw one at me who threw one at them and they told their 2 friends, and they told their two friends… lol sorry 80’s flashback there, if your not born in the 70’s you won’t remember that!  Anywho… we start chunking food at each and don’t you know the people in the restaurant joined in and they started throwing food.  Before long the entire place is in the throws of a huge food fight, to include the people working behind the counter, sans the manager who was calling the Orlando Po Po on us.  Randy dumped his entire shake on my head which was just cold and gross feeling, so I threw Vince’s shake at him, he ducked and it covered the window.  The place was just chaos, lovely lovely chaos…. until the cops got there.  Then suddenly no body was involved but us 4, funny how that works.  The manager was screaming about the damage and how much money it was going to take to clean it up.  Now the guys I’m with are all from families of money so they were not worried at all, me on the other was terrified my mom was going to be called and hell was going to open up and suck me in to suffer the punishments for life.

After a few moments of Vince schmoozing the police officers and agreeing to pay for the damages they walked over to the manager and asked him if that would be ok?  The manager said yes and they agree’d on a amount.  Then the manager says “I don’t ever want to see you 4 in here again” and proceeds to take our pictures to put on the wall of shame.  The Police lead us out to our car and as we walk through the door we look at the window where there is a hamburger patty sliding slowly down.. BBBWWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. Even the cops start laughing!  Vince yells out “Can we at least get some paper towels so we can sit on them?”… of course we didn’t get them… luckily he didn’t live far and had 2 showers.. we used one and left the other two bozo’s to fight over who went  We ended up fixing eggs and bacon and toast afterwards.

La Tomatina (25.08.2010) - Spain, Buñol 07

La Tomatina (25.08.2010) – Spain, Buñol 07 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) yeah, we kinda looked like this.. cept with shakes and hamburgers w/ special sauce instead of tomatoes 


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