If you kick a dog repeatedly, he’s going to fear being kicked..

Over the last few weeks my boss has become increasingly hard to deal with.  Everything I do is wrong, even when I do verbatim what he asked me to do, it’s still wrong, and because it is wrong I get screamed and yelled at and cussed out and if I try to point out that I’ve done EXACTLY what his email said to do I get yelled at even more.  So today he called me to tell me how everything I do is wrong because i’m so angry all the time,  that he really thinks what we need is a different approach on how we collect the money.  Everything he “suggested” is what I already do but because this is his “Lightbulb” moment I need to just shake my head and say yes sir.

Then he asks my co-worker when I’m not around why I’m so quiet and reserved around him anymore.  Why does it seem I am angry with him and won’t “joke” around like I use too.  Well my Napoleon dictator… like I’ve always said when discussing my days being married to an abusive man, “If you kick a dog every time it gets near you, it will always think your going to kick it every time so on the rare occasions you don’t.. the dog still expects it.”  I’m the dog now again in my life.. I expect the kick and there pretty much is nothing you can do to make me not worry about that foot!


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