Walking Dead Review 11/11/12


English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbur...

English: A participant of a Zombie walk, Asbury Park NJ, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Tonights opens up in the town.. they are having a cookout.. It’s just a big happy community.  Andrea was talking too the Dr, and it appears Michonne is not too happy about it.  There is some kind of big party going on tonight.  Oh lord, The Governor has a zombie kid that he loves… it’s either his kid or his brothers.  According to the comics he killed his brother and kept his niece who was bitten.




We come back to Rick kind of spacing out as the baby is crying.  Darrel is going for formula, he already claimed this baby.  Rick went back into the prison with an ax and a mission.  Darrel and Maggie are heading into town.. I wonder if they will be seen by soe of the Governors men while they are there.  Rick is on a walking killing spree, splitting heads and chopping off heads.

Back to the cookout.  Phillip (aka the Governor) is making a speech.  They are  celebrating how far they have come and remember who they have lost.  Andrea is all smiles watching him talk.  Michonne is in his apartment snooping. She’s going to be caught.  She just got her sword back and is looking through his notes.  She found a list of names with Penny underlined.  She heard a noise and was breaking in to the room she heard it from but heard the dr and Phillip and Merle coming… so now she’s hiding.  They are discussing tonight.  I wonder what is going on tonight.  He’s doing some kind of experiment that he will have to start over in the morning.  She got out.. now she is in some area where there are walkers caged up and what looks to be body parts laying around.  She released them and killed them in gory fashion!  Enough so my husband even said “Damn”.  Someone walked out of the shop with a bucket of bloody whatever and dropped it on the ground..


Still no Carol

We are back now and Phillip is holding Michonne’s sword (that she took back while snooping) and he’s talking to her about snooping around the area.  She asked him about Penny.  She has struck a chord with him.  So now he’s schmoozing her.. hes mentioned the fact that Andrea wants to stay but she wants to leave.  He’s telling her she’s broken the rules and he has to do something about it.. he’s offering her a chance to be on the team… Oooo she managed to get the sword and hold it up to his throat.. that shut him up!  She left the room w/o killing him.. Merle asked if there was a problem he said no but asked for Andrea.  He’s going to play Andrea against Michonne.

Now they are back at the prison, Glen is digging a grave for Lori and probably T Dog.  Glen gave the digging duties over to the other two prisoners that were still there.  He’s saying there is 3 dead, I’m wondering if they are saying Carol is dead?

Now back to the town.  Phillip is talking to Andrea about Michonne breaking in and stealing her weapon back.  He did tell her about the biters that were locked up.  He’s telling her that Michonne makes people uncomfortable and people want her to leave.  Michonne told her that people can’t leave unless they make them leave.  Andrea is in for the long stay.

Prison.. Glen is looking for Rick.  He’s found him but Rick is in shock apparently.  He’s just not i his right mind.  Glen is trying to get him to come out.. he just put hi up against the wall.  My husband said he’s “blood drunk”.

Commercial again

Now we are back.. Merle and his group are out getting walkers out of a hole in the ground.  I wonder if he’ll see Darryl while he’s out.  The Dr was bit but he’s wearing a jacket so he’s safe.   They are having just a little too much fun with them.   They are pulling the teeth out one of them.  Maggie and Darryl are at a house or daycare maybe.  there is a playground out front.  Darryl looks out of place there..LOL.. they just showed some hands the kids made and one of them said Sophie, you could see the hurt in his eyes.   They  are heading into the kitchen but they hear a noise in the closet..  It was a possum.  They found formula.

Back tot he party.  Andrea and Michonne were leaving until Merle stopped them.  Merle stopped them so Andrea now see’s what Michonne was saying.  Surprisingly they opened the gates.  Michonne said it was all for show, that they knew they were coming.  Now Andrea is saying they need to stay.  Seems Michonne is sticking to her guns, despite Andrea saying she doesn’t have it in her.  Michonne left without her telling her “You’d just slow me down anyways”.  Andrea started after her but Merle closed the gates.

Commercial again

We come back to find Andrea sitting on a bench looking down.. Phillip comes over and sits beside her.. being charismatic as always.  Offering her a drink and company.

Back to the prison.  Maggie and Darryl are back, the baby is crying uncontrollably.. I’m sure starving.    Darryl is feeding her her first bottle.. he has claimed her!  That is so precious to see him holding her and calling her sweetheart.  Rick has found Lori’s spot.. but Lori is gone.. I knew Carl didn’t shoot her..  Now he’s gutting this zombie to see if he ate Lori.

Damn.. back to the city.  They are having a big party.  They have music blaring and fires lit.  Zombie fights?  WTH???? lol.. Zombie boxing..It’s looking like the beat the crap out of each other making them fall near the zombies.. guess to see who gets bit first?  Not my idea of fun.  Andrea is not digging this at all.  I think she’s re thinking Michonne’s theory.  They have the zombie’s on chains.  Phillip just told her that it’s staged, that they pull all the teeth.    Of course he’s explaining it off.

Now back to the prison.  Its morning.  Still no Carol.  Did I miss something?  They never found her body as far as I know but Darryl just put a flower on her grave?  WTH.  Rick was sitting there hearing a baby cry.. now he’s hearing a phone ring, so he answered it.  And that’s where it ended… until next week my fellow Deaders.


In the preview for next weeks he says “That’s Carol’s knife”.. so she’s not gone yet.


5 thoughts on “Walking Dead Review 11/11/12

  1. On the Talking Dead they said the zombie he cut open dragged her body and ate her and he didn’t find her wedding ring he found a bullet and he puts the bullet in his pocket and always has it on him. They also said that next episode we find out who called on the phone that Rick answered.

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