Day 13 Thankful post


Shoes (Photo credit: MiriamBJDolls)

Today as I pulled on my super cute shiny pink high tops I thought.. “I am so thankful for shoe’s”… so that’s my post today.  I’m thankful that we have shoe’s.  I’m so glad that we don’t live in such a poor depleted country that shoe’s are not something that most people have.  I love having shoe’s to match my outfits.  The more shoe’s I have, the happier I am.   I am limited by space and funds at the moment to feed my shoe fetish but one day I may be able to get the one’s I truly want.


I missed out on the UGG craze and I chose to miss out on the Crocs (ugliest shoe’s ever) but hopefully before I’m too old to wear anything other then orthopedic shoe’s I will be able to enjoy being in a pair of brand new, name brand, super comfy awesome shoe’s.

鞋 拖鞋 時尚 塑料 卡駱馳 Crocs

鞋 拖鞋 時尚 塑料 卡駱馳 Crocs (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Ugliest Shoe’s EVER




2 thoughts on “Day 13 Thankful post

    • Oh lord yes. me too. I love the really raunchy bad ass looking heels.. but I’m not breaking my ankle/neck to wear them I see women in movies running in them and I’m like.. WTF.. how’s she doing that.. I can’t walk in em with my toe’s feeling like they are being crushed and my ankles trying to give out on me..

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