Good & Evil.. (not what your thinking)

If you know me, you know I have an unhealthy love of chocolate, especially dark chocolate.  There are times that yes, I would rather have chocolate then sex!  See, I told you it’s not healthy.  Now saying that it has nothing to do with my husbands ability to perform or please, no not at all.. it has to do with I’m a foodie (hence my highest weight being 270lbs).  So when I came across this article this morning on Yahoo my mouth dropped open and my saliva glands started producing..

Supposedly the best Candy made in years.. we’ll see about that!


Apparently Christopher Curtin, a chocolatier created this amazing sounding concoction, and it’s so good and sought after it has it’s own little carrying case along with a serial number on it!!!! Can you say.. OMFG!!! Now I love dark chocolate and this is 72% dark cocoa… must have chocolate bar!!!  The only problem is the price tag.  It’s $18 a bar.  I hate spending money, especially on anything that is not a necessity.  Why oh why must this man play with my mental stability like this?  I just have to have this candy bar.. I must.. but I can’t pay that much for it! Curse my common sense and my sense of justified spending!  CURSE the fact I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth and a trust fund in my bank!

I would ask Santa Claus to bring me one and put it in my stocking but that jolly ole fat bastard hasn’t come to see me in years… and I’d ask my hubby to get it for me but then I’d just be mad he spent that much money on a candy bar!  Oh what do I do????  Maybe if I pray hard enough I will get one.. cause after all God answers all my prayers, right????

Here is the link to the story if you’d like to read it yourself..




6 thoughts on “Good & Evil.. (not what your thinking)

  1. WHAT?! An $18 bar?! More than Godiva, jeez! I don’t get it considering chocolate is chocolate, not GOLD. So tempting though. Maybe someone will surprise you with it, so at least you can say you tried it once. 😀

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