Day 15 Thankful for

Not Looking

Not Looking (Photo credit:


Today I’m thankful for lesson’s people teach me everyday.  I’m kinda stealing this idea off a friend of mine’s Facebook status.  You see she posted that she was very disappointed that somebody had showed their true colors to her.  I myself have had this lesson taught to me many many times over so I have to say to these fake ass  people.. who like to act like they are so much better then everyone else.. who “sympathize” with those of us who are suffering in one way or another.. who profess their undying and non wavering love of God and how they are one of God’s children and how we should all treat each other so greatly and help out when possible but like to turn a blind eye when someone they don’t deem as fit to help asks for help.. This Thanks is for you!  You remind me everyday of what I don’t want to be, won’t ever be and you help show the examples I can show my kids of how they should never ever treat anyone!  Thanks for those life lessons!   keep up the great work of being fake, I know it’s hard work..I could never keep track of all the lies you have to maintain and faces you have to use..


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