Day 18 thankful post

I know I said I would do something different in WordPress for my daily thanks then what I do in Facebook but today’s just had to be the same in both.  I’ve been stuck at the 150-154 lb weight for 11 months… ELEVEN MONTHS… do you know how freaking irritating that is?  I can lose 120+ pounds but I can’t loose just a mere ounces to get below 150?  WTF!!!  So today I woke up, weighed myself thinking, okay last night I was 150.9.. I know I’ll be the same in the morning because I never ever get to be below 150 on that stupid ass torture device scale… but to my amazement……

I know it’s blurry but if I held the phone to take the pic it put me at 150.1..LOL.. so I had to get off grab the phone and snap the pic in hurry!


I can die happy now….


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