The Walking Dead Review 11/18/2012


Tonight we find out who is calling Rick!  I’m so excited….

It starts…NOW!!!!

It opens up with Merle’s group out on a hunt.  He’s come up on a mess of body parts in the woods.  The body parts spell out Go Back, that’s pretty cool.  One of the group with Merle is not very sure of being out there.  Merle can’t pronounce his name so he calls him Neil.   Michonne jumped out of the woods and killed 2 of them, however Merle clipped her in the leg with a bullet.  She got away.

Commercial 3 minutes in!

Geico “You should go Vegan Carl”..hahaha

Okay.. we are back at the prison.  Rick answered the phone.  It’s some woman who said they’ve been calling forever.  She said she can’t tell him where they are.  He’s telling her that he has a son and a newborn baby, trying to find out where she is so they can join.  He’s crying and begging her.  She said she’d call back in 2 hours.  He’s back in the group now, cleaned up.  Said he cleaned out the broiler room and wanted to check on Carl.  I’m thinking he’s dreaming it all.  Everyone is clean.

Back to the woods.  Neil is freaking out.  Merle is yelling at him to pull it together.  He told him taht Michonne is hit and to get on her trail.  Now to Phillip and Andrea.  She’s talking to him about the town and how it’s ran.  She’s telling him about how she didn’t like the Zombie fights.  She’s telling him she wants to pitch in.

Back to Rick.  He’s back at the phone and clean again.  I’m still not convinced that he’s not imagining it.  It may be the town too.  This might be how they tie it all in together.  Some man is asking him how many people Rick has killed.  He’s told him 4.  Now the guy is asking how he lost Lorrie.  He won’t talk about it.  The guy hung up.  Now he’s screaming.  He’s really lost it.

Commercial agian at 13 mins in..

Back in the town.  There’s a woman teaching Andrea how to shoot a bow. She just told Andrea that she killed her dad for the bow that she has now.  Andrea told her how she had to kill her sister, Amy.  A walker came up and she shot and missed him.  She shot again and missed again.. Andrea jumped the wall and took out the walker with her knife.  The woman is yelling at her that this isn’t a game.

Back to the prison.  Hershel is now down where Rick is.  Poor stumpy… what, too soon?  He’s talking about how he still feels his leg and that he’s wiggling his toe’s at that moment.  He’s told Rick that he saved his life and now he’s telling him that Lorrie was sorry for the things that happened.  That she wanted to tell him, that he carried them.  Rick is telling Hershel that he got a call.  Hershel picked it up, there is no dial tone.  Hershel said he’d sit there with him, but Rick told him no.

Commercial again..

Back in the woods.  They are still hunting Michonne.  They found her!  After fighting they became surrounded with Walkers.  Michonne cut one open and all the entrails fell out on her!  There was the gore for the show.

Back in the prison.  Darryl and the prisoner (His name escapes me) are walking through the halls with Carl.  The prisoner went off on his own.  Bet he dies.  Darryl is telling a story about his mom being a smoker and wine drinking.  Telling a story about sirens coming and how Merle left him because they were on bikes and he wasn’t.  When he got there his house was burnt down to nothing, his mom died in the fire.  She started the fire from smoking in her bed.  Carl is telling him how he shot his mom, she was out but hadn’t turned yet.  He ended it for her.  Darryl is turning out to be a really good guy.. I hope Merle doesn’t change him.

Back to the town and Phillip writing in his book.  He called for Andrea. Phillip told her she couldn’t be on the wall again.  She told him she liked the fights.  She didn’t like that she liked them, he told her he knew.  Now he’s telling her that he knows she likes him.  Of course she does, he’s got power.  Back in the woods.  Merle is telling Neil they are going back to town, tell the Governor that they killed her.  Now Neil is wanting to stay looking for her, that he’s not going to lie.. So of course Merle is going to kill him.  And there he went and shot him in the head.

Commercial again

Back to the woods and Michonne.. She is hurt and bloody and Walkers are going by her without stopping.  She’s realized it’s cause she’s covered in guts.

Back to the prison.  The woman called.  She called him Rick, he’s realized that he never said his name.

Back to Michonne.  She’s in some town and limping.  Someone has pulled up.. Oh it’s Maggie and Glen.  She’s watching them from a distance.  Maggie and Glen are going in a store, he opened the door to have birds fly out at him.

Back to the town.  Phillip and Andrea are talking about his past.  They are in some garden and drinking.  He’s telling her that he wasn’t proud of his house or car or dog.  He’s telling her he wants to forget the good and bad times from the past, that he wants to be right here right now.    He’s telling her she doesn’t have to be ashamed for liking the fight or fighting the fight.. that he loves it.  He’s playing on her emotions, big time.  She’s giving him the “come and get me” eyes.  And here comes the kiss.

Back to Maggie and Glen.  They got alot of formula for the baby.  And here comes Merle!  AND SO THEY MEET UP.  Glen recognized him, Maggie won’t take her gun off of him.  He just asked about Darryl.  Glen told him Darryl is alive.  Merle said if they take him to his brother he’ll call the slate clean.  Glen is telling him that they will tell Darryl that he is there.    Merle took a shot at him and got Maggie by the neck.  He’s taking them to the town… DAMMIT… I think Michonne heard them say prison.  I bet she takes the formula to the prison and tells them what’s happened and warns them of the town.

Commercial again..grrrr

Back in the prison.  The prisoner is still alive for the moment.  They killed a walker.  Darryl took the knife out and realized it was Carol’s knife.  The phone is ringing again.  He answered it asking how they know his name.  He knows them.  She said it was Amy, Jim, Jackie.  It’s a phone to Heaven.  He’s talking to Lorrie now.  THAT’S A SURPRISE TWIST.  I mean I knew it wasn’t real people, but I didn’t know it would be people from his past.  He’s telling her how he was going to keep them all alive, that he loved, no loves her but couldn’t put it back together.  She’s telling him to listen to her, that he has their baby and carl.  that she loves him.  My husband believes that Lorrie hasn’t been on the Talking DEad yet because of this call tonight..

Back to the town.  Andrea and Phillip are in bed together.  Merle is telling Phillip that they lost all the guys.  He told him that he got her too.  Phillip asked if they had Michonne’s head, he told him that they got caught up in a group of biters.  Now he’s telling him about Glen and Maggie.  He went back in and told Andrea everything was fine.

Back to the prison.  Rick is back in with the group.  He’s seeing the baby for the first time.  He’s holding her now.  Darryl is sitting in the hallway with Carol’s knife.  Something is trying to open this door that has a walker laying in front of it.  YAY.. SHE’S ALIVE.. WOOHOOO.    Darryl is carrying her out.  Rick told Carl that the baby looks like him.  Now he’s walking off to something he see’s.   It’s Michonne w/ the baby formula.. I knew that was happening..


So this is how they will tie all of them together.  I hope they don’t spend too long in the town.







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