The Walking Dead Review for 11/25/2012

Yay.. it’s time

It opens up with Glen in a chair and Merle interrogating him.  He’s telling Glen that he is an asshole because he raised his gun to him, and that he was an asshole in Atlanta for leaving him on the roof.  Glen just informed him that T-Dog didn’t make it, he replied “I hope he went slow”.   Glen is refusing to tell him where the group is, Merle is using Maggie as a way to get him to talk, Maggie meanwhile can hear everything they are saying.  Glen just head butted Merle, after he held a knife up to him of course.  Now Merle is head butting, punching and kicking him, Maggie is crying.

4 Minutes in.. Commercial

We come back to the prison, walkers and Michonne standing outside the fence.  Rick is staring her down, the walkers smell her blood.  Carl has come up to the fence, he’s asked Rick if they can help her.  She is starting to black out as she’s killing walkers.  Carl shoot’s  two of them, Rick opens the gate and starts taking out walkers, Carl runs and gets the formula.  The determine that she’s not bit, but rather shot and take her inside.    Rick wakes her up and asks who she is.  He tells her “We aren’t going to hurt you unless you try something stupid first” after she tries to grab her sword.  Daryl comes in and tells them they will want to see this and tells them to come in and see this.  Rick tells Michonne she will be safe and they can treat her, but they took her sword from her.  They come around the corner to see Carol.  Rick hugs her saying “Thank God”.  Everyone is hugging her, she see’s the baby then realizes that Lorrie didn’t make it.  Carl is crying now too.  Michonne is watching them through the bars.

Back to the town, and Phillip is answering the door.  The dr tells him that Mr. Coleman is ready, he tells him he will be there in a minute.

Back to the prison.  Rick tells Michonne they can tend to her wound, give her food and send her on their way.  They want to know how she knew about them and why she had formula.  She tells them about seeing Glen and Maggie and that they were taken.  After a scuffle she starts to tell them about Woodbury and the governor.  She tells them they could get in.

Back to Merle.  He’s beaten Glen pretty badly.  Merle is asking questions but Glen is not answering.  Glen just told them there were too many for him to take on, he said they had been on the road, Rick, Dale, Shane, Andrea…. the last gave it away to Merle that he was lying.

We come back to Hershel sewing up Michonne’s leg and Carl standing guard.  The group is discussing Michonne and getting Maggie and Glen back.  Daryl, the two prisoners, Rick and Beth are going to get them. Rick tells Carl “what you did for me” and Carl interrupted with ” i had too” Rick says “I know and I’m sorry, no one should have too” then Carl interrupts again and asks ” how long will you be gone?’  Rick replied ” if something happens get everyone in the cells and locked away safe.  take care of your sister”.  Carl tells him Daryl’s been calling her Asskicker.  He’s telling Rick that he want’s to call the girl Judith (after his 3rd grade teacher).  I loved that Rick giggled at Asskicker.

Back at Woodbury, Phillip takes Andrea in to this room where old time music is playing and the Dr. is feeding an older gentleman ie Mr. Coleman.  He introduces him to Andrea.  He tells the man “Thank you for doing this, your doing us a great service”.  Andrea starts to ask what they are doing and the dr cuts in and tells her to cue up the first song on the record.  Its almost as if he is doing a chant.  The dr’s name is Milton.  He is asking questions and showing pictures to the man and told him to raise his right hand if what he is asking is true.  Mr. Coleman asked to keep the music playing while they wait.  We get back to Glen where Merle brings in a walker telling Glen “This is how I felt fighting my way off”.. OMG.. he just left the walker in the room w/ Glen taped to the chair.  I swear t go if anything happens to Glen I will kill Merle!  Glen is fighting hard.  He’s trying to break the chair.  Oh good, he broke the chair and killed the walker!  YES.. I don’t have to go to GA and kill Merle off…lol

Back to Woodbury.  Milton is telling Andrea that when Mr. Coleman comes back they are going to try to see if he has any memories of the same questions he just asked.  They’ve been going over these questions with him.  Andrea is telling him there is no unconscious mind when they turn.  He is telling Andrea how he is an only child and hasn’t seen anyone turn.  Mr. Coleman is now dead and they are restraining him to the bed.  Let the show begin.  Merle is telling Phillip about Glen and Maggie and how they know Andrea.  Phillip is going to go talk to Maggie, I think he doesn’t trust Merle to be persuasive to her.  He walks in just staring at her.   He cuts the tape off her hands and asks if he can sit down.   He is telling her that he’ll take them back to their people and explain it’s all a big misunderstanding.  She says she wants to talk to Glen but he says he can’t do that, that her people are dangerous, that they handcuffed a man to a roof and made him amputate his own hand.  He’s telling her to stand up, at first she doesn’t then she does.  He tells her to take off her shirt, she says no.  He says “Take off your shirt our I’ll bring Glen’s hand in here”, so she takes off her shirt.  He’s making her take all her clothes off.   He’s taking his belt off and walking over to her.  He’s standing beside her, touching her hair, sniffing her hair.  He slams her head to the table.  She tells him to do whatever he wants to do and to go to hell.  He steps away from her.  She was not fighting him so he didn’t want to finish it.

Now we are in the car with the #teamprison.  Michonne is with them.  She tells them they have  patrols and they would be better off on foot, that it is about a mile or two.  They are walking through the woods and Rick is telling Daryl thank you for doing what he did for him and the baby while he was working things out, Daryl said “that’s what we do”.  Walkers are everywhere, they are surrounded.  They take cover in some building that has a horrendous smell.  the building is surrounded by walkers.   They find a live man in a bed who is screaming at them to leave.  This man must be clueless because he says he’s going to call the cops, Rick tells him he is a cop and pretends t go for his badge and pulls the gun from him.  the guy bites him and heads for the door, Michonne kills him.  They toss the man out the door to manage a way to escape from the walkers  There’s the gore scene!

Back to Mr. Coleman.  They are waiting for him to turn.  It’s starting.  Milton does the bowl thing again and is going through the same thing.  He’s asking the questions and showing the pictures and playing the music.  He wants the restraints off but Andrea said no.  She told him as soon as they take them off he will lunge, Milton said that’s what your here for and undid one side and of course he lunged.  Andrea stabbed him in the head.  Now they’ve brought a half naked Maggie into the room with Glen, they’ve put a gun to Glen’s head and Maggie is talking.  Phillip is “consoling” Maggie but she’s pulled away.  He pushed her to Glen.  They are discussing the group now and whether or not Maggie was lying.  It’s going to end with #teamprison coming up on the town.  Phillip is questioning where Merle’s loyalties lie knowing his brother is out there.  They are sending a team to the prison to check out Maggie’s story.  Andrea comes back to Phillip and he says “You kept your word, that you’d be back”.   she tells him that Mr. Coleman died and that Milton didn’t find what he was looking for.  He tells her everything will be ok.

Next week’s episode is the mid-season finale.


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