You sure you wanna buy your true love these gifts???

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…..

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost if your true love gave you the 12 items listed in that song?  I know I never really have thought of it cause frankly if Rob gave me things like all them birds (there’s a lot of them in this song) or maids a milking.. there’d be some issue’s on Christmas morning… But.. if you’ve ever wondered.. well.. here ya go.  What it would costs today to buy all of these items..


What would it cost for the 12 days of Christmas gifts…

– Partridge, $15; last year: same

– Pear tree, $189.99; last year: 169.99

– Two turtle doves, $125; last year: same

– Three French hens, $165; last year: $150

– Four calling birds (canaries),$519.96; last year: same

Five gold rings, $750; last year:$645

– Six geese a-laying, $210; last year: $162

– Seven swans a-swimming, $7,000;last year: $6,300

– Eight maids a-milking, $58; lastyear: same

– Nine ladies dancing (per performance),$6,294; last year: same

– 10 lords a-leaping (per performance), $4,767; last year: same

– 11 pipers piping (per performance), $2,562; last year: $2,428

– 12 drummers drumming (per performance), $2,776; last year: $2,630

All coming to a grand total of… $107,000!!!


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