Some things are worth the extra money….

I realize that in today’s economy people are trying to save a dime anywhere they can, you know buying generic when possible, car pooling,  staying in instead of a night out on the town.. but there is just some things you should NEVER skimp on to save a dime or two..


5) Bread.. I’m sorry but cheap ass generic bread just tastes disgusting.  It’s not like real bread.. it’s just tasteless sponge like stuff..

4) Mac N Cheese.. I realize that the neon powdered cheese sauce in the Kraft is not the best most healthiest thing in the world but it’s a good comfort food thing, especially if you add in real cheese and some Parmesan cheese.  The generic brands of this yummy comfort food just seem to get worse and worse.  The cheese powder becomes this un-describable color, the pasta tasteless.  It’s just not worth it… pay the few extra cents if you can…

Macaroni and cheese is an American comfort food

Macaroni and cheese is an American comfort food (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


3) Soda.. Yeah.. I don’t drink it anymore but when I did, it had to be name brand.  What is it about the generic stuff?  They just seem to suck the fun out of soda’s.  Generic’s are just gross.

2) Chocolate…. have you tasted the off name brands of chocolate???? WTF do they put in that crap??? Omg.. you have to run your tongue along the road to get the taste of that crap off.  It’s absolutely horrible.  Please.. I beg you.. don’t do it.. pay the extra for the name brand stuff.  I mean I know American chocolate is gross by Europe‘s standards but still.. it’s better then the no name crap.


Chocolate (Photo credit: EuroMagic)

1) And last but not least… TOILET PAPER!!!!! My husband, God love him, bought some cheap ass generic shit about a month ago to try to save money.  He knows I’m completely stressed out about our current financial situation and did his best.  I commented on how much I hated this toilet paper right after the first roll went up and informed him to never never buy this brand again.  So the other day when I went to the bathroom I noticed we were on the last roll of that crap (to their defense.. it did last a lot longer) and I kinda did a little dance on the toilet at the thought of not having to use that paper again soon.. (shhhh.. dont’ tell anyone but several times I took some off rolls that were waiting to be used of the good stuff)…Well today in the car my 9 year old princess tells me out of nowhere “Mom.. I had to do a little dance yesterday”.. I asked “Why?” thinking she was going to talk about her bday party we had yesterday.. she said “Cause that really bad toilet paper is gone now.. it was so thin you couldn’t even wipe up a spill with it.. and it hurt my butt!”… Even a 9 year old can tell you shouldn’t skimp on TP!




10 thoughts on “Some things are worth the extra money….

  1. Ever seem to notice that the generic bread is like 1/2 the size of name brand as well? I realized the other day that I may be saving a buck, but I’m only getting half a loaf really! Totally agree with you on this list! Generic mac n cheese tastes like cardboard- even when you add cheese to it. There’s just nothing you can do to cover up that nasty. And amen to the toilet paper!!!

  2. lol..The toilet paper reminds me of my husband. My husband hated generic toliet paper. He called it John Wayne toliet paper. Rough and tough and takes no shit off anyone. LOL

  3. I laughed at 1). Poor little girl! Haha. I agree on everything, apart from the chocolate.. Maybe it’s because I’m from England and I eat English chocolate which is hella good. Damn, I’d spent my last few pennies on chocolate.

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