Every Kiss begins with K…NOT

Trewarne Fine Jewelry store by MIM Design

Trewarne Fine Jewelry store by MIM Design (Photo credit: Jewels Globe)

I’ve told you all already I truly have no Christmas Spirit this year… I keep waiting for the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future to come visit me during the night.. actually that would be a nice change from being alone all night but that’s a different blog… Anyways… The closer we get to Christmas the more I want to boycott Television and Christmas altogether.   I truly hate these fucking commercials.  Truly!  Why do you ask? Well it’s a good thing I write a blog so I can tell you why.  I’ve never felt like “one of those girls”.. ya know, the one’s who have the boys buying them flowers and dinners and cars and houses and actually spend a full 3 months salary on a diamond ring…  I dated a guy in high school for a VERY short time.. when we went out I paid for everything.  Why?  Because his job only paid him once a month so I being the nice girl that I am paid for all our dates thinking he would pay when he got paid… did he?  Well, would I be writing this blog if he did?  Noooo.. instead he took a different girl that we went to school with out to dinner instead.  They were “friends” and he wanted to treat his friend to dinner… Needless to say we broke up the next day pretty much!

The Break-Up

The Break-Up (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fast forward a few years to my first wedding.. the ring set costs $100 (for all 3 rings).. the wedding $350 for the dress/tux/cake and church.. so yeah.. no 3 months salary there for me either… 2nd wedding costs even less, rings too… I’m on my 3rd marriage and the wedding costs us a whole whopping $70… rings a little bit more then the first two but not much.. it’s not that he doesn’t want to get me these things but he’s legally obligated to support his ex-wife for 10 years along with his 3 kids.. so again.. I’m not one of “those” girls and I know I never will be.. I’ve lost all hope and well desire to ever be one.  My life is half over.. fuck it.. I don’t want the shit anymore, there isnt enough time left to fucking enjoy it.

So I’m at a point in my life now where I see these commercials where the woman’s getting a surprise $10k ring and she’s all smiles.. and the music plays.. every kiss begins with K….iss my ass!!! The majority of the public cannot afford that crap!  What ever happened to the hand made gifts meaning more then the expensive shit?  What gives these companies the right to make us feel like we just don’t measure up if we don’t have a brand new Lexus in the drive way with a big red bow on it?  What if my husband can’t buy me a ring that costs less then 3 months salary?? Hell for us, less then 1 weeks pay?  Does that mean he doesn’t love me as much as Joe Blow over there flaunting his money???  By their standards, yes that’s exactly what they mean.

Well congrats Jarrods and Kay and Zales.. you’ve helped me feel even less then “one of those girls”…. with your commercials about perfect happy couples giving each other GINORMOUS gifts that I could at one time only dream of.. I say that because now I don’t dare even entertain the thoughts of dreaming about it..


Kay’s (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

I hate you all.. I’m boycotting you.. I know you won’t notice since I can’t afford to buy anything from you anyways.. but still.. in my mind I’m doing something great! HAHA.. take that!


22 thoughts on “Every Kiss begins with K…NOT

  1. I’m sorry I can’t buy you those things. I do try to make you feel like one of those girls though. Despite what you say, if I ever have the opportunity to spend that kind of money I have every intention of doing so.

    • I know you would do all those things if you could.. this wasn’t meant to make you feel bad.. it was meant to tell people that they don’t have to spend a fortune to feel like they measure up in the world.. and you know my feelings on that.. sped your money on yourself and your kids and our kids.. leave me out

  2. Material things…people are so obsessed with them. A woman obviously came up with that 3 months salary rule. I would never expect that. True, I want a REAL ring, lol…but there are far more affordable ones out there. I hate Zales and those stores, and yes, their stupid ass commercials! So go you. 😉

    • thank you.. 🙂 I don’t want a $10k ring.. if I had $10 K I’d take my kids on a real vacation.. put it towards a house.. something… but would I like a “real” ring.. yes.. would I like to be surprised to go outside and find a new fully loaded high dollar car w/ a bow on it??? Who the hell wouldn’t.. but man.. I hate these damn stores trying to make us feel like we are crap because we can’t do those things! My husband works hard but unfortunately we can’t afford 1/4 of those things… hell we are happy if we can pay rent and get groceries all in the same week. Screw them.. BAH HUMBUG

      • Exactly, $10,000 is INSANE! I’ve seen expensive rings like that, and the diamond isn’t even that good! There are plenty of lovely rings for $2,000 and under. But yeah, screw those people. Don’t let them make you feel like crap. They’re crap!

  3. I love thinking of interesting hand made gifts. So far I’ve made a bad collection of my first cake for mother’s day, ribbon flowers for both grammies and mammies, two terribly knitted scarves for wonderful cousins and working on a whopping christmas video for the entire family to hear my screeches and shouts and still be thankful. (:

    • I’ve made a glass present box w/ lights on the inside for someone, something else for a friend who hasn’t got it yet so I can’t say on here, and I always bake for others.. 🙂 So yay for us crafters who don’t spend a bazillion dollars on materiallist stuff..

  4. I would much rather have a nice holiday or a car or (mum’s idea’s) a loft conversion, or a new wardrobe with a personal shopper!! The thought of putting 10 grand on a single decorative item is STUPID!! But maybe 10 grand on a hitman…………

  5. I remember as teen seeing an advertisement for a car that cost $60K. Even then I realized that I would never pay that much for something unless I could live in it. And while I like to travel, I ain’t buying an RV.

    Face it, there’ are a lot of very rich, very unhappy people out there. I’ll take living within my means with the person I love any day of the week.

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