I guess I should just STFU

Insanity Radio Logo.

Insanity Radio Logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My dr’s have diagnosed me with Bi-Polar (even though I won’t accept that) and Anger displacement disorder.. These two things mixed in with my depression sometimes makes it hard for me to deal with myself and well, let others deal with me!  You think it’s bad reading my rants.. try being in my head.


This year has been extremely hard for my family and we are facing some serious issue’s in the very near future.  My anxieties are soaring through the roof and my depression is getting deeper and deeper.  I’m going to try hard not to go down that dark path, but I will tell you that I am going to be ranting more then anything for awhile.  Please just deal.  I mean the rants to be fun and yeah, a little mean spirited but not to hurt any one person.  It is not my intention to upset my husband in any way.  I know how much he loves me and how hard he works for our family..Please do not think I’m angry at him in any way.. it’s very much the  opposite.  I’m angry at life for not ever giving him, me or our kids a break.


so here’s my apology before the storm…





I'm sorry

I’m sorry (Photo credit: MarikaSofika)


3 thoughts on “I guess I should just STFU

  1. Ummmm, the last thing I could ever imagine is you being pissed off at your Hubby!! And the second to last thing would be Robert getting pissed off at you!! Rant away Sexy, its healthy!!! Love you LOTS ❤

    • hmmmm… We stay pissed at each other anymore..lol.. WE are both so stressed out I could see us both being locked up in a looney bin soon. But we both know it’s not because of each other but life.. so we deal.. Love you bunches and…. BOOBIES..

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