A Brown Paper Bag Works Just as Well

It’s the most wonderful time …. of the year… Ummmm no it’s not.  There’s so much extra work to do, the cleaning, the cooking, the baking, the shopping, the running from home to home to visit all your family (if your lucky enough to live close enough).. there’s decorating the tree, finding the tree if your one of those extremely lucky people who get to go find the perfect tree, cut it down (or buy it cut) and bring it home making your home smell wonderful UNLIKE those communist  fake ass tree’s that suck the joy right out of the holiday… and last but not least.. the wrapping…

Wrapping rolls

Wrapping rolls (Photo credit: justinrussell)

I hate.. HATE wrapping gifts.  I never cut the right amount, it’s always too much or not enough.  It never folds correctly and never ever lays flat and smooth.  Too many times I’ve given up and just over laid the paper and rolled up the ends.  I always over tape the box making it virtually impossible for anyone to open and it looks like my 9 yr old wrapped it for me, in the car, on a bumpy road, at 150 miles per hour, up and down hills, and around bends..

yeaaahhhh.. something like this

yeaaahhhh.. something like this

So for me.. I’d be happy just to give ya the bag it came in and say.. “here ya go”….

Again.. Bah Humbug…


5 thoughts on “A Brown Paper Bag Works Just as Well

  1. I think you just called me a communist! Do you know what a real tree does in Florida weather? It invites bugs! And we have all kinds of interesting Florida bugs! As for wrapping paper…that can be a challenge…which is why I try to wait till my perfect wrapping sister comes to town. She actually LOVES doing stuff like that!

    • LOL.. I was aiming that comment at my hubby cause he hates the real trees… and yeah. I’m a Floridian.. I do remember well.. but it was still one of my fondest memories of my mom loading all of us kids up and going to look for the perfect tree.. and the way it smelled.. LOVED it..My family is all still down there and I’m betting they get real tree’s…lol. I’m letting my hubby do all the wrapping.. 🙂

      • My hubby has a phobia of all things creepy crawlie… I have an issue with all the nasty sap. We’ll keep our Christmassy smells through Scentsy & baking, thanks. 😉 then again, I don’t have family traditions wrapped up in liking for the perfect tree like you do! 🙂

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