Seriously good Hot Chocolate

I completely and totally love Panera‘s.  I eat there quite often (luckily the guy at work buys 95% of the time).  I always get one of 3 things, the Black Bean soup which is very yummy and very low calorie and very high in protein… The Chicken Tortilla soup which is FANFREAKINGTASTIC… but they won’t bring it back until March so I am patiently angrily waiting for and asking the manager for every stinking time I go in there and on rare occasion the Steel Cut Oatmeal.  I could hurt myself with that Oatmeal if I’m not careful (and by hurt I mean eat the whole thing and have my tummy pouch explode)… So yesterday when I got my email from Panera’s telling me to come in and try their new Belgian Dark Chocolate Signature Hot Cocoa with Whipped Cream and caramel drizzle with 3 Handmade Artisan Marshmallows with little dark chocolate chips in them… how could I say no???


Oh dear lord...

Oh dear lord…


To my surprise my boss actually bought us lunch today so I took it upon myself to order the soup and a drink! HA… these things are about 12 oz, maybe 16 and they cost $2.99 but they are so completely worth every cent.  The chocolate is so rich and creamy and smooth.  The Marshmallows are devine, the whipped cream just adds to it.  Sadly however, I could only drink about 1/4 of it because of my tummy so I brought the rest home and gave it to my son who inhaled it!  My daughter is chomping at the bits to go get one and “share” with me.  It is my highest recommendation that if you are in the market on a cold cold winters day for something to warm you and feed your sweet tooth all at the same time.. RUN don’t walk to your nearest Panera and get one of these bad boys…. It is Orgasmic… I swear I had a tiny O when I drank it… imagine if I would have drank the whole cup.. .YES..YES..YES..YES.. (slams hands down on counter).. YES.. OH GOD YES!!!!  I’ll have what she’s having!  🙂


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