My Christmas Wish list

I don’t want much for Christmas.. I’m not asking for things like the new IPhone 5, or an IPad or a new Mercedes… nope.. nothing like that.. just a few little things.. So here is my list..just in case you wanted to get me something.

5. One Beeelllion dollars..


4.  When we were kids we were promised that by time we reached our parents age we would be living like the Jetson’s … well I’m passed that age now so dammit.. I want my robot maid..Rosie..


3.  I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas..Only a Hippopotamus will do..

2.  Freaking Sharks with Laser Beams on their Freaking Heads… everyone deserves a hot meal..


and the number one thing on my wish list is…

waffleI love you waffle bot!

I don’t think my list is asking for too much, do you?  I mean, I am worthy of all of these things…right?


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