Truly saddened

I’ve been at work today joking around with my co-workers, (its been a fairly easy day today) and I logged onto facebook and started seeing all the posts wishing prayers to the victims of this morning’s tragedy.  So I clicked on one link and my heart just sank!  26 confirmed dead in a school shooting at Newtown CT, out of that 18 of them children.. ELEMENTARY aged children.  Apparently a 24 year old man who had a disagreement with the principal came in and opened fire.

I sit here asking over and over again, Why?  Why would God let this happen?  Why would someone shoot children? Why?  It’s the only question I can come up with.  They are reporting that the gunman is dead, which is too bad because it would have been nice to take him into that towns square and let the people take care of him.  I pray that God has turned his back on this man and refused him entrance into Heaven.  I hope that he burns forever in the fires of hell only ever knowing pain and agony like nothing ever felt here on earth.  I pray that the families of these precious babies receive all the help they need to learn how to cope with their losses.  I know for them Christmas time will forever be a time of sadness now and that’s just not fair to them.  I pray for the family of the man who did this, because they will most likely be deemed guilty by association, even though they probably had no idea of how deeply disturbed he was.

I also hope (even though I know it’s going to happen) that people don’t start screaming that we need tougher gun control laws, that if there were no guns allowed it wouldn’t have happened because honestly.. criminals do not care if it’s against the law or not to have a gun and people are more likely to survived if it is a even battle then if it were only one sided.

I’m truly sorry for the families, the country, and everyone who is affected by this.  My heart aches for all.  Hopefully something good will emerge from it, somewhere down the line.


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