My Wife Has All The Luck ( A guest Blogger)

Tonight I have a special guest blogger.. My husband.. Robert.. aka Radar.  He is trying to help me build my numbers up on WordPress because honestly.. they suck.  I’ve blogged about everything, even Zombies but where he gets well over 500 views a day I’m lucky to get 45.  Well, being the nice guy he is he thought that if he guest blogged here it would up my numbers…. he really does love me!  Enjoy.. and if your not following him already, head on over to his site and check it out…he’s pretty awesome.



My Wife Has All The Luck

by Robert Nelson @

I think most people like it when they are noticed.  It’s an ego boost when someone flirts with them.  You may even flirt back.  Does it mean you’re going to bang them later?  Not always, but it does feel good to know that there are others out there that find you attractive.  Shannon has never had an issue with this.  Men constantly flirt with her, some take it too far and cross the line but that’s another blog.  The point is she has never had an issue in this area.  I, however have not had the luck she has.  Online…sure but in person not as often.  Now Shannon will tell you different.  She will tell you that it happens more often then I realize, I’m just oblivious to it.

There are certain keys to flirting with me like asking about my tattoos, making sexual innuendos, and engaging my brain and showing your intelligence.  Even then it’s they way you do it, smile, etc that will determine if I know if you are flirting or not.  Well like I said, Shannon has all the luck in this department but there have been a few times it has happened to me.  The most recent time was over Thanksgiving.  As I type this I realize I forgot to tell her about it and before you say anything  I always tell her when these things happen, I just got sidetracked and forgot, sorry baby.  Anyway I was with my 18 yr old son and he and I went to Little Caesars to pick up pizzas.  We walked in and these two girls were working the counter and they both asked me about my tattoos.  Specifically my grim reaper and Libra scales.  They started talking tattoos, how they liked mine, etc etc.  Smiling and everything.  Well what was funny was when we left.  As we walked out my son looked at me and said “Were they?” (implying that they were flirting with me) I just laughed and said “Yep, it’s the tattoos, it always gets em’” he just smiled and shook his head.

Now, there has been more than one time that men have treated my wife like a piece of meat and it pisses me off just as much as it does her.  She will tell me how the entire time talking to her all they did was stare at her cleavage.  Well I finally found out what that felt like one day riding the metro rail.  There was a lady sitting in the seat when I got on the train and it was pretty packed so I had to stand.  Well while standing there I caught her looking at me.  She started at my crotch worked her way up, smiled, then went back down to my crotch.

Magic Mike

I’m thinking to myself “okay, this is a first, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman be this obvious before” after a few minutes I’m starting to feel a little uncomfortable, then the guy beside me moves in between us.  Whew saved, so I thought.  Nope, she is leaning around him to see me but she isn’t looking at me she is looking at my crotch.  I do the quick check, just to make sure I’m not unzipped.  Nope it’s all good.  So right about now I’m feeling like a piece of meat.  I’m starting to think she is going to follow me off the train and rape me in the parking garage.  We finally get to a stop and she gets off and I feel relieved.  That was first and only time I ever was looked at like nothing more that a fuck toy, at least that I know of.

Now my in-person flirting stories are few and far between and nothing compared to what Shannon has but I do have some but all in all I have to say in the end Shannon has all the luck.



Ummm… first off… nice of you to “forget” to tell me about them ho’s.. guess I gotta go to Little Ceasers now…lol.  Really.. YAY BABY.. someone flirted with you.. I know it made your day.  The only reason they don’t do it more often is because you don’t put off that vibe.  I have been told that I exude sex and being sexy is just second nature to me (not sure about all that however) but I tend to put that vibe out there.  I enjoy flirting.. I flirt with men and women.. I don’t care.. if I find them the slightest bit attractive or interesting.. I flirt.. Now since I’ve been with you I’ve learned to tone it way down and it doesn’t happen as often anymore… which I know your happy about.   Thank you for guest blogging tonight…


jessica rabbit

jessica rabbit (Photo credit: greyloch)  I’m not bad.. I’m just drawn that way


57 thoughts on “My Wife Has All The Luck ( A guest Blogger)

  1. I honestly did forget. The funniest part was the look on Adrien’s face. I flirt too, you even made a comment the other day that I was flirting with that one lady.

  2. Oh and no you don’t need to go there but I’m thinking we need to eat there more often. Just say when and I’ll go pick up the pizzas.

  3. I’ve got to say… You guys crack me up! And I agree with your wife. For some reason men are oblivious to flirting in person unless it’s blatantly obvious. (My hubby is that way, too.)

    As for the crotch stare…did you stuff a sock in there a la Tom Jones? LMAO!

  4. OMG! You 2 are hysterical! *smiling* For the record! I somehow doubt you felt like a piece of meat…truth be told? you felt like, oh yeah baby, I’m the man!! *laughing*
    You obviously have a very open honest relationship and that’s priceless!! Enjoy reading your banter! ……Paula x


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