Let the games begin…

The other day I had a light bulb moment on what to blog about next..

Smiley face with a light above his head entitl...

Smiley face with a light above his head entitled Got an idea. Completely self-made. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It came to me after reading several comments on my blog and on my husbands blog.  Several people had mentioned how they love our back and forth banter with each other, which is not the first time this has been told to us.  Our friends on Facebook and way back when Myspace have always commented about it.  So I thought… hmmm.. maybe we should blog about what it’s like living with each other.  I mean.. he gets to live with me.. a wonderful, caring, loving, sexual extremely fired up sex kitten.  I have a great sense of humor, very charismatic and charming.. sarcastic yes but in a good way.  He has the wife every man dreams of.. I bake, I cook dinner and I’m always in the mood, even if I have a headache.  What more could a man ask for????

Now on the other side of this is him.. He is caring.. and loving.. and attentive.. he does the laundry (cause I refuse too..lol) and a all around nice guy.. not too shabby in sack BUT is very anal and very OCD which will drive a sane person crazy!  So come back maybe later today, maybe tomorrow and check out what each of us has to say about living with the other… 🙂

This should be interesting…


8 thoughts on “Let the games begin…

  1. Yes it should be – in fact take it further not just what you are like to live with … but you could start a diary somehow? A new blog site with the 2 of you bantering back and forth about issues during the day – the week? Do you have separate computers to work off? Mr. Anal 🙂 could be in one room – you in the other and have a conversation – I don’t know it sounded good in the beginning now I’ve gone the track a little and getting lost probably as much as you are!

    • LOL.. that is funny.. we do have separate computers..whats really funny is when we first moved in together we had both computers back to back on the desk so we literally looked at each other while we were bantering back and forth online.. Our friends thought it was hysterical..

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