My crush of the month 01-01-13

well.. I know you have all been waiting.. holding your breath.. wondering who oh who could my January crush be… well wait no more..




Sir Michael Caine!  What’s not to crush on about him?  He’s very distinguished looking, awesome accent, rich, he’s been knighted by the Queen herself, he’s very talented and seems to have a good sense of humor.  I just love him!  I first crushed on him in the early 80’s when I caught Blame it on Rio on HBO!  I was hooked from there on.  I try to see everything he’s in.  I think this year I may make it a goal to see every movie he’s ever been in or voiced over in.  If you’ve never seen him perform.. your missing out.  I loved him in the Austin Powers movie.. in the Batman movies.. I loved him in Deathtrap and Dressed to Kill, and if you know me you know I love the Muppet’s and yes.. he was in the Muppet’s Christmas Carol!  Now how can you not love an actor who is so versatile   It’s impossible.

Did I mention he was rich too?

I love me some Michael Caine… I have to laugh though because his name is Michael.. and I have quite a few Michaels in my past.. hmmm.. must be something in the name.



11 thoughts on “My crush of the month 01-01-13

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