New Olympic Sport…

Over the last couple of years I’ve lost way more then a hundred pounds.  I’ve blogged about it.  Now when I went and first started this journey I knew of things that were to come.  I knew there was going to be excess skin..

Not me.. but looks like it could be

Not me.. but looks like it could be

They told me that I would have hair loss… and after they put on the table wrong and I couldn’t tolerate any food for the first month they said I’d loose most of my hair… and I did..  I have pictures of it but cannot locate it, but because of the way they put me on the table for the 4 1/2 hour surgery I had a spot approx 3-4 inches wide that lost every bit of hair on the back of my head.  Luckily it was underneath so it wasn’t visible unless you lifted the hair.  I also had badly thinning hair, so much so my boss called me Chemo girl.. yeah he’s a prick.

They told me that I would most likely loose my girls… and yeah I did…I use to have really nice tata’s… now..not so much…

see.. I use to have great boobies

see.. I use to have great boobies


What they did not tell me was I was going to have learn how to shave my body all over again… only this time I needed to be able to contort into gymnastic positions to be able to do so!  You see, because I’ve lost so much weight I have area’s that are sunk in, such as my under arms and behind my knee’s!  No matter what I do, I cannot seem to shave these area’s without help!  I’m twisting my body into positions that would make my husband excited to see!

me trying to get behind my knees!

me trying to get behind my knees!


If the Olympic committee is looking for a new sport.. I have it!  Shaving after loosing 100lbs!




13 thoughts on “New Olympic Sport…

  1. I’m with Ivonne! Wow, what a journey you’ve been on! You should be really happy with your new body.:) Your husband talks of you all the time! How beautiful that he only ever saw the real you!
    Paula xxx

  2. that’s amazing – i haven’t looked as far back to find out what it was that spurred your weight loss but i hope you’re proud of yourself/feeling amazing/better….whatever it is you hoped to achieve throughout this. – its good to see you making light of situation (no pun intended) i have stretch marks and a ‘grannies’ tummy from having my son and theres not much i can do about it so you do have to learn to accept your own mini flaws…its what makes us human and reminds us of what we have achieved. 🙂

    • Thank you.. I am proud.. I suffer from BDS so I still only see fat.. but I’m working on it. I had 2 c-sections and a hysterectomy before the Bypass surgery.. so I know all about that not being able to do much about it. One day, hopefully I’ll be able to see me and not what my brain thinks I am.

  3. I lost about 75 lbs after having my son almost 12 years ago. I slowly put back on about 50 of it after my hysterectomy. After trying a bunch of other stuff, I finally hit on the low carb thing a few months ago and am down about 30 lbs so far. I have lost at least 1 jean size, and would probably be down 2 if it wasn’t for the fact I need a fucking tummy tuck!! I can stand being a C cup instead of a D, but I want to get rid of this extra skin!! I feel ya girl!

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