Nice Shiner there buddy

Today was going to be a stressful day, I knew it from from the beginning.  I knew it yesterday, hell I’ve known it for a few weeks now.  We have this one student at work who came to us through an agency and made a huge stink with them about the school so they decided to come do a walk through and check us out.  Not only because of him but because they never did it before they certified us as a school for them.  Which wouldn’t be so bad but.. (and this is the big BUT).. it meant my boss would be here today.. plus he’d be here extra early so I’d get to deal with him even longer.

But then.. around 8:40 this morning my son’s school calls me and tells me that he’s been hit by a soccer ball and his eye was swelling and bleeding and I really need to come and get him and take him to the doctors.  So I called my boss and told him, yes told him I was leaving.  I didn’t ask and I didn’t waiver in my voice at all.  I flat out told him my son was injured and I had to go take him to the ER (only because we can never get into our dr’s at a moment’s notice).  He said okay that he was almost at work and he’d see me later.  SHOCK.. I know.. I think he got laid this past week.

So I get to the school and walk in to find my precious bundle of teenage maleness sitting in the clinic, feet up, eye’s closed and this is what I saw..


Purty, isn’t it?  So I guess what happened was a kid kicked the ball wrong and it flew into my son’s face, right into his glasses which in turn slammed into his eye lid and cut it.  We went to the ER and the dr there did some really cool things to check out his eye.  After she numbed it she wiped some stuff on his eyeball and turned the lights off and put a black light up to it and he was glowing in the dark!  It was so cool.  She said that he didn’t damage his eye (Thank God) and that he could go back to school tomorrow.   So I  rush him home, rush back to work and my boss was so shocked that I got back by lunch he didn’t even dock me for the 3 hours I missed!  Yeah, he got laid.

Whats really funny is my son apparently wants to impress a girl tomorrow so he asks me “Mom… what can I tell her happened?  I can’t say that I was hit in the face with a ball.. she’ll think I’m lame.. What if I tell her I got rolled in the hood and fought off 3 attackers”… haahahahahahaha…  Okay.. after I stopped cracking up in my head I explained to him that he shouldn’t start a relationship off on a lie, it always ends up destroying the relationship.  Even if they aren’t intentional lies.

So that was my day.. how was yours?


23 thoughts on “Nice Shiner there buddy

  1. He came out dressed in his long sleeve white shirt tucked in his jeans and his Tony Stewart jacket asking how he looked. I said fine but he didn’t need the jacket. He said he planned to wear it all day. I said it really wasn’t necessary and I wouldn’t but do what you want.

  2. Ouch and double Ouch!! Lucky boy he didn’t do major damage to the eye! He’s a good looking boy and how sweet that he wanted to impress her that much! How do I look? Even sweeter… He’s going to break hearts that boy of yours! ……Paula x

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