My husband decided to write a blog about how the Penis is the number 1 sexual organ.. this is my rebuttal to it..

Seasons Of Insanity

Okay so we have a rebuttal to my blog about the Penis being the number 1 sexual organ.  That’s cool, I’m always open to a good debate, even when I know I’m right.  So my lovely, wonderful, wife, Shannon from Shanpagne All Around decided to write up her version of what she thinks is the number 1 sexual organ.  So here, for your reading pleasure is her rebuttal post on the number 1 sexual organ, enjoy.

So you’ve read the blog my wonderfully sexually perverted husband wrote on the almighty penis and how it the number one sexual organ ever.  He even stated that it’s shaped like the number one when erect….  Hmmm… seems to me I’ve seen more then one that had a curve to it, therefore most definitely not making it shaped like a number 1.  Those just kinda look like banana’s to me..  so I guess that…

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  1. Brilliant 🙂 I have penis envy too (as you can probably gather from my comment on his penis post) and although we may never live out our dreams of having one of our own to dip in pies and wotnot *sigh* we still have the power of our brains to enable us to imagine it 😉 – though maybe the power of our imagination is the problem, if we couldnt imagine life with a penis to play with in the first place then we would be envy free surely? ha ha
    By the way, would you like to guest blog for me? (please)

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