Calling all bloggers…

Okay, okay.. I’ll jump on the bandwagon.. what can I say, I cave into peer pressure.  So I guess since everyone else is doing this “guest” blogger thing I will too.  So who would like the opportunity to be my official first guest blogger (I know I know, my husband’s already done that but he doesn’t count.. I mean we live together)… I’m talking about one of you lucky bloggers in blogger land that I’m not married too, living with, related too or having sex with…Hit me up with a yes you would like too.. my email is  It can be about anything you’d like (EXCEPT.. you knew this was coming…except religion, politics, or anything that’s boring, not fun, lacking of interest ect ect.)  I love poetry.. I love cooking.. I love sarcasm and sex.. I love daily stupid people stories… show me what ya got!



21 thoughts on “Calling all bloggers…

  1. I can’t stop laughing! partly because I’m inebriated and simply because you make me smile!
    Just in the process of writing for Robert! Excellent you have a taker already!! 🙂
    Hugs to you from Oz!! …..Paula xxxx

  2. I would love to be invited to do a guest post. However, I am not funny. In fact, I am so downright bad and evil I made our director of development cry and storm out of a meeting…

  3. I blog regularly on sexuality topics. When I have anything interesting, I will send to your gmail to take a look and will let you decide if you want to post it to your blog page. Let me thank you first for the kind invitation!

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