Lacy’s Journal

I am so glad I decided to dress up today.. I just had this feeling.  Yeah.. normally I throw on a little make up and go but today.. I got dressed up and guess what??? I saw him!  I stopped at my normal coffee spot before work and he was there… and in uniform… oh.. he looks so good in that uniform.  I literally get butterflies when I see him.. I feel like a giddy teenager… of course then reality hits me, like this morning.  Jackson came over and told me good morning and as soon as we started chatting about how random it was to run into each other there.. my freaking phone went off.  It was Craig wanting to know where Brianna’s phone was because she couldn’t find it.. Why the hell would I know? Its not my phone, it’s hers.. my guess is it’s in her room on silent.. go look for it.    I hang up and try to resume my conversation with hottie cop and BAM.. my phone goes off again.  Jackson just smiled politely and said he hoped to see me again and wished me a good day… he’s so cute..

What am I doing??? I’m an old married woman.. I need to just realize that he’s only being nice to the middle aged woman and stop acting like a giddy little girl…



8 thoughts on “Lacy’s Journal

  1. If Lacy had said “older married woman” I think she might have nailed this guy’s preferences when it comes to women. But like Meatloaf sang: Two out of three aint bad.

  2. Hahaha! I just wrote about some of these things for the post I’m writing for Robert!..Lol
    Go you for looking stunning! The guy in the picture…what can I say!!! LMAO Ticket please!!
    Paula xx

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