Yay.. My first Guest Blogger!!!

Well.. today I put out the call for guest bloggers and YAY..It is Sophie from saved in drafts.  She’s full of lots of fun.. has a great blog, so you should really go check her out!  I’m so happy that she got to be my first!  🙂


Dear sleep

I miss our meetings, what was it that made us drift apart? Drift apart to the point where we can hardly stand to be together for more than a few hours at a time?

I feel like I took advantage of you, you’re right, I didn’t appreciate the time we had together and instead chose to avoid you in order to do more things for me- purely selfish I know- and I’m sorry. I’ve tried to change, I’ve tried to get us back on track but being with you again like that…it felt so forced and unnatural- it just felt…wrong. No matter how hard I tried you just couldn’t seem to let go of our rocky past…I just don’t know what else I can do. You need to accept the boundaries of our relationship. – no more nightmarish revenge, no more disappearing when I need you the most and likewise no more turning up unannounced.


It’s really inappropriate for you to visit in the early hours of the morning and force yourself on me (oo-er) till lunchtime. Likewise it’s not fair for you to creep in on the odd afternoon and surprise me. I have a family to care for, I want to spend time with them, be with them and sleep when they sleep… Why can’t you let me do that? If you continue to act like this I will continue to fight you, I’ll fight to be with my family and I’ll fight for my health.

Sure, there have been times when they have come between us, times when they have dragged us apart due to their own issues with you…I know that hurt you, it hurt me too because those were the times I missed you so much and waiting to see you again the next night seemed to last forever.

I still miss you now, I’ve been hooking up with caffeine most mornings to try and ease the pain, to try and forget about you…but if I’m honest…

imagesNothing can replace you, I need you in my life. I feel weak without you, I’m snapping at the people I love… And I can’t concentrate on the simplest of tasks.

Can’t we put our differences behind us and get back to normal? Back to how things should be?



Oh how I can totally relate to how Sophie is feeling with this post… I am happy to say however that with the help of Percocets my bed and I have a wonderful relationship… but that stupid pain is jealous and continue’s to wake me up!!! GRrrr…  Great job Sophie!!!!! Love my first ever guest blog!!!  NOW.. WHOSE NEXT?


10 thoughts on “Yay.. My first Guest Blogger!!!

  1. Ahhh who needs sleep. You’ll get plenty when your dead. if your sleeping then that’s less time to do things like watch movies, blog, or have sex.

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