Lacy’s Journal

Wow… so it’s been a few days since I’ve been able to write.  So much has gone on, it’s been crazy.  Brianna had her cheer competition last weekend.  She did great, they came in 3rd in the state which is awesome.  Derrick is miserable with the cast on his leg, although he does love the Xbox time he’s gotten, he’s ready to play outside again.  He’s not an “indoor” kid.   Sugar bug started soccer so she’s happy.

Craig has been more attentive but he’s still not helping around the house at all.  He still come’s home and plops down in front of the computer or the TV with his drink and that’s all he does.  We’ve been fighting a lot, I think maybe that’s why he’s trying to be “attentive”.. but it feels forced to me.  I dunno….  We went to Target last Sunday to pick up a few things and he wanted to go look at the XBox games, I guess there’s some new Black Ops something or other out that he wants, so he can “Kill Zombies“.. ugh..anyways he went to the gaming department and I went to the shoe department.  They have the most ridiculous shoe’s now.. but they are pretty.. but seriously, who wears them things?  They are like 10 inch heels with 3 inch platforms.. I decided to try a pair on to be silly and when I had them on and was trying desperately to just stand without killing myself I heard my name called.  I turned to see Jackson standing there.. of course I fell!!!!!  OMG.. so embarrassing.  He helped me up and all I could do was laugh like an idiot!!!!  It’s at those moments you wish you could just be absorbed into the carpet.  After I assured him I was really okay, just feeling like an idiot we started chatting.  He told me that he took a part time security job at the bank in the building where I work!  YAY I GET TO SEE HIM ALL THE TIME NOW!!  He said he didn’t have a wife or even a girl friend and didn’t like sitting around doing nothing on his days off so he figured he’d just work.  I never even noticed Craig walking up when he did.  He asked who Jackson was and I told him.. “Oh.. he’s the security guard at the building where I work”… its not a total lie.  Jackson shook his hand and told him it was nice to meet him.. after he left Craig started laughing and saying that I should be “ashamed” of myself for flirting with that kid… I told him I wasn’t flirting.. that I fell in those stupid shoe’s and he helped me up.. that was all.  “Uh huh” is all I got. then he said “well the way he was looking at you.. he’s not seeing you like a mom figure.. that’s for sure”…. and of course for the rest of the day every time I said anything I got.. “Well go tell your boyfriend”…  sometimes he can be such an ass….

I love Craig.. I wish he wouldn’t just ignore me then make me feel guilty if I even think of someone else… speaking of which.. did Jackson really look at me like that????   No… Craig’s crazy.  I’m telling you.. I’m too old for him to be attracted too.  Hell, my own husband doesn’t want to have sex with me hardly anymore.. how would this hottie want too?  Why would he want too?



7 thoughts on “Lacy’s Journal

  1. I love your blog. You are so honest. My blog hints in poems and a few posts what was up with me a few years ago… but be careful honey… you are in such an addicting place right now! 😉 This kind of thing is like the best drug (and the worst) you can ever hope to find!

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