Lacy’s Journal

Well its been a week since I’ve written.. I’ve been to upset.  Craig and I are just at each other’s throats constantly.  He just refuses to hear what I’m saying.  He’s slept in the living room for the last few nights. We barely speak to each other anymore.  I know he’s stressed out about his job and money and the kids, but damn so am I!  Why is it all about him, never about us?


I see Jackson every day now.  He asked me to go to lunch with him next week.  I said yes, I mean that’s okay, right?  It’s in a public place.  It’s just two friends having lunch.  Okay, well one of them friends is freaking hot as hell (and no that’s not me)… but still.. we are just friends.



13 thoughts on “Lacy’s Journal

  1. I am coming through the backdoor here, so please forgive me by not reading previous posts that might clear things up more but…. I have to agree with Ivonne… it starts out so innocently…. believe me… I know. And the new thing that is making you feel fun and young and intersting again is a symptom of something happening in your own life… not the solution!

    • It’s okay.. but this is just an ongoing story I am writing. In the very first post I put in a disclaimer. I am not in the market to ever cheat on my husband… who I will add follow’s my blog.. 🙂 He knows this is a story and has collaborated with me on it.

    • I have been on both ends of that story.. and it never ends well.. This is just a story that I’m writing. My husband follows my blog and even helps me with the story lines. I promise.. it’s all good.

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