Best Photo Bomb EVER

photo bombed


No matter what you think of Slick Willie… or what kind of President you thought he was.. you gotta admire his libido!


5 thoughts on “Best Photo Bomb EVER

  1. LOL! still remembered he said – “I never slept with the woman” . Yes, correct, but Monica did give him a blow job and that is also a form of sex, isn’t it,so ? I bet Hillary didn’t give him any blow job, so he is quite deprived on this. I must say, he is a lucky President and I do like to say he is the one who brought about Federal Budget surplus after many years of deficit !,okay, at least, he did something right !

    • Well ya know.. technically he didn’t “sleep” with her.. he only lied when he said he never had “sexual relations” with her… I could tell people all day long I’ve never slept with half the people I”ve had sex with…lol.. and I wouldn’t be lying.. we never slept! All I can think when I see this pic is him thinking …”Hmmm I wonder if she likes cigars”…hahahahaha

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