Lacy’s Journal

WOW..oh wow.. lunch was so funny today.  The office slut tagged along, of course wearing the tightest shortest skirt she could.. I swear if she would have bent over all her shit would have fallen out!  She looked like a prostitute for real!  When we walked into the restaurant to meet Jackson the look on his face when he saw her was PRICELESS.. It almost looked like he was repulsed by her.  We sat down and I introduced her to him and boy did she pour on the sugar, but he didn’t give her a moment’s interest.. not even a second’s interest.  She kept trying to talk to him but he kept talking to me!  At one point he didn’t even respond to her question, I swear I thought he was doing it on purpose.  After about 10 minutes of this she decided that she “forgot” a prior engagement and excused herself…hahahahaha.. Jackson said as soon as she left that he thought she’d never leave.  He called her a silicone fake barbie bitch!  He is perfect!


We spent the rest of the hour just talking and laughing and making jokes about her!  He’s got 2 sisters and 3 brothers, he’s a middle child.  He knew he wanted to be in law enforcement from the age of 5.  He’s got several family members who are in law enforcement.  He’s so young but he’s already been married and divorced!  He married his high school sweetheart and was so excited when she told him she was pregnant.  He said he couldn’t believe he was going to be a dad and they spent months getting everything ready and when she was 8 months pregnant he found that another man was the father of the baby but left her when she told him she was pregnant.  He confronted her with it and she couldn’t deny it so he divorced her.  He said it just broke his heart altogether and he couldn’t forgive her for the lies, but mainly for the one of letting him believe that was going to be his child when she knew without a doubt it wasn’t.  I asked him if he would ever marry again and he said he just didn’t see himself ever trusting again to that point, but he wouldn’t say never because you never know what’s going to happen in life.

After lunch as we were walking back to the office he asked if he could have my phone number.  I told him that I just wasn’t sure because I didn’t know how Craig would see that and even if he was single, I wasn’t.  He said he understood and gave me his just in case I ever wanted to talk.  When I got back to my desk the office slut apparently had been running her mouth


8 thoughts on “Lacy’s Journal

  1. He is so playing her. The lonely wife, not feeling the love at home. He knows what he is doing. Once he gets some, he’ll be gone.

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