Lacy’s Journal

Well lets see here.. Since Thursday I’ve tried every night to get Craig to come to bed and make love to me.. I keep getting “I’m sorry baby, I’m just too tired, this week has been so rough and exhausting, I promise Sunday we will”… THE HELL WE WILL.  So he was up all night last night, said he was working on a project for work.  I got up this morning after he finally came to bed and got on the computer to see what time a movie started later, I thought I’d take the kids to go see that new Hansel and Gretel movie, it looked good.. well when the Google chrome page loaded it asked if I wanted to restore the previous session and I hit yes.. PORN… NOTHING BUT FUCKING PORN!!!!!  He’s too tired to fuck me but he can go play with himself while looking at porn?  WTH???  Is it me?  What’s wrong w/ me?  Why won’t he come be with me, the real flesh and blood waiting in the room for him??????  I’m so mad right now I can’t see straight.  Oh, they’ll be no movie today, no sirree  nope today is a pamper Lacy day!!!  And on his Credit Card.  I’m going to go get a mani/pedi, maybe my hair done, some shoe’s, possibly a new outfit….

Maybe I’ll text Jackson and see if he want’s to join me for lunch… in fact I will.  Hold on….


Okay.. we are having lunch at 1 and Craig is paying for that too.  Craig may not want me but I’m damn sure there are some men out there who do!!!!




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