Lacy’s Journal

Well yesterday after having my mani/pedi I met up with Jackson for lunch.  He could tell right away that something was wrong and asked me.  At first I tried to not tell him but he was so thoughtful and genuinely concerned I just finally broke down and told him everything.  How Craig has been cold and distant, how I found the porn.. everything.  He said that maybe Craig is just extremely stressed out with work and doesn’t even realize that he’s pushing me away.  That maybe I should try talking to him and telling him how I feel.   I dunno.. I’m not sure it would do any good.  Craig tried to be intimate with me last night but I was still so mad I just couldn’t.  I told him the mani/pedi spa gave me a migraine.


I got to work today and that slut Beckie (yes she really spells it that way) was still talking shit about me.  Debra came and asked me if there was anything going on between Jackson and I because I was a married woman and that wouldn’t be right.  I assured her that he and I are just friends and that Beckie was just mad because he snubbed her.  Debra started laughing and said she knew I was happily married and would never do what Beckie was saying.  She said she’d tell the other ladies the “truth”.  Then to my surprise I got flowers.. oh my gosh they are so pretty.  Carnations, my favorite.  For a split second I got excited thinking maybe Craig was feeling bad and wanted to do something to make it up to me, but they were from Jackson!  He wrote on the card that he hoped I was having a better day today and things were better between me and Craig!  Of course Beckie came snooping!  I told her they were from my HUSBAND for our great weekend.. she humphed and walked away!  Nosey bitch!  I texted Jackson and told him TY.. he replied Lunch Wed?  So I guess we are having lunch on Wednesday.



Carnations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




I’m going to go talk to Craig and spill my feelings out to him.  We’ll see how that goes….


Well I told him.  He hugged me and said “You know I’m not going anywhere else.. it’s all in your head”.. then told me he loved me….. Is it all in my head????  No.. I don’t think it is… I think he’s just refusing to see how bad everything is..





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